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2NL ZOOM. AKs IP vs short stack

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  • 2NL ZOOM. AKs IP vs short stack

    No data on villain (5 hands, vpip 0). Would it be more profitable to 3-bet him preflop and call if he shoves rather than call? I think it was fine to call OTF for the price, but not sure. I don't have the odds vs sets and AA, but he can have 99, TT, KK, AQ, AJ as well. And I can still get away if I miss and he shoves the turn. OTT I hit my straight. He bets half the pot again. Should I put him all in OTT? Now it seems to me like better decision than calling, as there is a small chance that he can get scared if 9 or K comes OTR. What if turn is a blank? Should I fold to half-pot bet?

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    the flop call was right you're getting right odds to call with 7 safe playable out... i don't count hearts as outs because they complete the flush and it's not worth chase a straight with the flush on the board.

    if you brick the turn a half pot bet is a fold here as you're still only playing for 7 safe outs...

    if you hit the turn like in the replay i think it's better to get the chips in OTT because your hand is still vulnerable to flushes/boats

    edit: whoops didn't realize what forum i'm in hehe
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      Any comments are welcome

      I don't really worried about flushes as there are only 2 combos that he can have to give him flush if 3rd h comes: AKs and AJs. Th is much better card for me than say any non heart A or K. (2 flush combos vs 12 sets that beat me)
      I have 28% equity vs TT+,AJ+ so the call is fine either way I guess.

      OTT I don't care about allowing him to make a boat. If he does - good for him, I'll pay him out, if he doesn't - I'm pretty sure he gets in with his set anyway. As long as I know what I'm going to do if the board pairs, I'm fine with it.


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        If villain is a nit/TAG or uknown (like here), then flatting pre-flop is the standard play. He raised in fairly early position, so his range should be strong. You don't want to 3-bet and then get shoved on, so calling to keep worse hands and medium pairs in his range is ideal.
        Villain bets half pot on the flop, so it seems OK to call, with your gutshot and two overs, but you're not in great shape against his range. If he has AQ or KQ, you're "reverse dominated", so the last thing you want to do is make a pair and be crushed by two pairs.
        As played, you call, and hit your 4-outer on the turn. Villain is absolutely committed when he bets here, as the pot now contains 60c and he only has 37c behind. Put him all in on the turn. He's always calling with top pair or better. If he has a set, he has ten outs to a boat/quads, and you'll just have to suck it up if he hits it.
        I think villain is gonna make a crying call even if the river is a 9 or king, but it's best to get all his chips in the middle before he has the opportunity to even think about folding.
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