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5NL 6-max Zoom AJs

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AJs

    Hi, the villain is playing 35/9/0 - AF 6 (11/5/3)(89 hands). Weird overbet shove on the turn by the villain. SHould I've continued to ebt on the turn ? ro even raise all in on teh flop ? Thanks umbup:

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    I would shove on the flop, my hand would have max equity on the flop as played, fold on the turn I think is good decision.
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      There is only one real set possibility for the villain = 77 and even against his pure value range consisting of made hands 2p+ you have 41% equity OTF. If we include some draws in his range as well our equity goes even higher. Therefore even if you think you have close to 0% fold equity in the hand a shove is the correct play imo. Calling the min raise to fold to turn shove does not seem to be the best plan. This just shows how difficult it is to play OOP sometimes, our options are very limited and in this case I believe we have only one: go with our hand. Since we effectively have A high it is best to be the one making the last bet


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        I think your decision was good, you only have the 3rd pair and some draws. Put in risk about 100BB in this situation is too much.


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          Hi fp,

          I prefer to re-raise the flop. Shoving all in is fine, we have both fold equity and hand equity with 11 outs to the nuts, plus non-nut cards that improve us as well.

          Loose-passive pre and so far prefers to be aggressive post flop, he can be throwing out feeler raises with Qx or worse, or be raising a K just because he has top pair. Or raising weaker just to "see if we have it". If we tell him we do, we certainly have some fold equity, and plenty of hand equity to subsidize the times he doesn't fold.

          As played the turn is a fold to an overbet shove.
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