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5NL 6-max Zoom QQ

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom QQ

    Hi, the villain is unkown. Should I ever check fold the turn with the villain being so short ? Thanks umbup:

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    Imho this hand is played absolutely fine.

    When the opponent calls your c-bet on the flop, his range should consist of some sort of one-pair hands or draws. Like top pair, middle pair, or maybe he is even calling with some pocket pairs (88,77,66,55) that believe you had two big cards, missed the board, and just c-betting once. Against this range you are a huge favourite and should just go all-in on the turn expecting to get full value from those hands.
    Turns out, the opponent is so weak that he is calling your c-bet even with Ahighs. That just goes to show that his range of hands is super weak and thus the line you took is going to be profitable in the long run.

    Keep it up!


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      Why would it be profitable to shove a $4 stack into a $2 pot on a fairly dry board only better hands are calling so it seems like a pointless play to me correct me if im wrong but i wouldnt normally stack off with even AK on that flop if i was the villain but with the line you took here i would call because it looks so bluffy to me now if it was a wet board i might think you had a set that you want to get payed on the turn because you think the villain is drawing.

      How often can you expect villain to call with worse here?

      Edit just realized that the villain was a shorty so i guess the shove was fine nevermind.


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        Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
        just realized that the villain was a shorty so i guess the shove was fine nevermind.
        Hi Mike,

        I think you should make a habit of looking at effective stacks rather than their absolute size. In this case the effective stack OTT was $0.72 so even if the bet was $1000 its effective size would still be just $0.72.

        Originally posted by fp_boss77 View Post
        Should I ever check fold the turn with the villain being so short ?
        Hi fpboss,
        No, I do not think you should ever be checking the turn. In fact I would say you are better off shoving the flop. If he has any piece of that board he is calling anyway and it actually looks weaker than your chosen sizing imo. The cbet commits you to the pot so you might as well put all the money in or make a very small bet if you believe he will bluff raise himself.


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          Hi fp,

          With a low SPR and against a fishy player (use the info you have), we are never check-folding. I think you played it fine. You could even bet bigger on the flop since he's not folding any piece (or, apparently, ace high lol).

          A question for you to reflect on.. if he turned over QT and you stacked him, would you be asking the same thing?
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