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5NL 6-max Zoom KK

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom KK

    Hi, villain is unkown. until the 2.5x river raise I knew I was ahead. What hands could we put him on here ? any that I beat ? Thanks umbup:

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    You can start ranging villain pre-flop and then narrow his range as the action proceeds.
    Since he called in position on the button, I'd put him on pocket pairs and suited connectors. The flop is pretty ugly for KK, as this flop smashes the button's range. Since he doesn't raise the flop, I think we can rule out sets (unless villain is a notorious slowplayer), as something like 66 would usually raise it up on this wet board. The flat call looks more like a draw or a pair+draw combo. Hands like JThh have the flush draw and two overs, hands like 76 and 86 have a pair plus OESD. I guess 99 and TT might also be in the pot.
    Villain calls on the turn, so the queen doesn't scare him. This would generally indicate he has a draw, because flopped top pair hands like A8s might give up at this point.
    The river pairs the board and doesn't complete any straight/flush draws. It's pretty thin to bet half pot for value here, because I doubt 8x is calling, and 99/TT might not have even made it past the turn. A smaller bet to target those hands might be more appropriate. When villain raises, it's likely that he slowplayed a set or two pairs (65) and just made a boat/quads, or he was calling with 76s (bottom pair + OESD) and rivered trips. Villain's value-raising range crushes your hand, so it's a fairly easy fold.
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