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5NL 6-max Zoom AKo

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AKo

    Hi, villain is playing 42/31/18 - AF 2 over 28 hands (not too much but he's likely 3betting a lot of hands). Usually I fold AK to a 3B out of position, but his 3 bet was too big. Should I've 4B here and be happy to get it all-in PF against him ? The way I've played, the flop is a clear fold IMO (even if it's clear he's bluffing). Thanks umbup:

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    Hi Boss,

    I think there must be something wrong with the stats, if you really only have 28 hands on him its pretty unlikely to impossible that he has these uneven 42/31/18 stats. Especially 3bet percentage of 18% cant really occur over 28 hands since he would have had very few opportunities to threebet over 28 hands.

    Regardless of stats I would have got it in CO vs BTN, although I am not to sure how tight the standard villain threebets on NL5.

    Dont really understand your reasoning behind "Usually I fold AK to a 3B out of position, but his 3 bet was too big." But his threebet sizing is pretty standard anyway.

    Greetings SirSixty


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      Stats look aggro, but I commonly see numbers like these over about 30 hands of 6-max. A 3-bet rate of 18% indicates villain has 3-bet four times in 23 opportunities, or 3/17 or something like that. The 3-bet size is a standard 3X, and against this villain, in this position, I would be 4-betting and stacking off. It's perfectly possible he has you beat pre-flop, but calling 3-bets OOP is a leak, especially if you don't have a pocket pair.
      Since you called, it's a very easy fold on this flop.
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        What I meant with 'his 3 bet was too big' is that his 3B stats was out of line ( even with the low number of hands ). I don't know, but I'm not happy in getting all in PF w/ AK on a 100BB stack. usually I'll get all in against a 50BB but 100BB seems to much for me. Any thoughts ? umbup:


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          I've not yet moved to 5NL in my 6-max challenge, but at 2NL, I'm happy to stack off AK for 100bb. Maniacs like this have been getting it in with absolute garbage against me, and I don't mind taking flips with this depth of money.
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