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50NL 6-max: AA against weird line

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  • 50NL 6-max: AA against weird line

    Hi all,

    The opponent on the bb is a 28/14, who plays quite badly & weird. The notes I have on him that are relevant are:
    "-Raised UTG's c-bet on AA7 board with J7, after call checked back turn and river.
    -Check/raise UTG's c-bet on Khigh board with KJ, check turn, bet river. was up against AK."

    So to begin with I am a bit perplexed by his play. He seems to overplay his TP hands on the flop, but after getting called he doesn't treat it like the nuts. That led me to believe that he wouldn't go broke with it on the flop.

    In the actual hand he defends his bb and c/r the flop.
    At this point I thought that I would flat call his raise on the flop and based on my reads, if he checks turn, I would go ahead and bet it for value against top pairs.
    He fires the turn as well which actually got m a bit worried, so again I just call, especially 190bbs deep.


    On the river, I check back, which I really don't like, since I now even beat top two pair on the flop (J9).
    All in all, I got tricked and only got 30bbs worth of value from m AA.

    The question is how should I approach similar spots against this sort of opponent?
    i. 3-bet flop for value
    ii. call flop/ bet if checked to, on turn and on river

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    I like your line up to the river, and I don't see many good alternatives being IP and a little deeper. Let him do what he loves (x/r with medium strength hands, draws or even bluffs) and barrel off to you while protecting your stack more against his top range and leaving yourself room to exit the hand if needed. It's also a nice bonus that you have the which gives you some insurance when a spade turns. Same applies to the turn imo. OTR I use tiebreakers to decide for/against a valuebet and I would go about doign it like this: Tiebreaker 1 = Villain is a recreational player capable of weird lines and possibly of loose calls (recr. love going to sd) Tiebreaker 2 = Villain's line makes his hand easily readable based on info/notes you already have on him. First off, with all their superstrong hands like boats/flushes most people - especially notsotricky - recreational players certainly bet the river most of the time hoping to get called by an overpair/Jx. Since you have a note that says he is capable of x/r weak made hands for value/info on boards where it doesn't seem appropriate his range OTR may well contain many Jx type hands including J9 which just got counterfeited. When the flush gets there villain suddenly freezes the action and checks to you indicating that you are basically free to v-bet. I don't expect a guy like that to be capable of turning a made hand into a bluff here so if he were to x/r you OTR you would still have an easy fold.
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