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Tough Spot for Kings

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  • Tough Spot for Kings

    This hand comes from a recent Zoom session: How often is my opponent bluffing there? Is it an easy lay down?
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    Your opponent sequence of moves is an indication that he has a flush, but some information about his stats will help to evaluate better. It's a very dangerous board for KK, I don't consider a shocking fold.


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      Hi Jcrondps!

      I like your preflop iso raise. OTF I think you should bet bigger. The board is super wet and you can get a lot more value from draws, queens and jacks. Turn is a clear check back and river is a super easy fold imo. Unless you have some kind of a crazy read on the villain I assume you are almost never good there. Yes, there are some villains who when FD completes OTT and you check back will sometimes bet the river huge and feel like heroes when they make you fold with whatever junk they had but calling overbets with overpairs on that board runout just cannot be profitable, do not do it. It is difficult to imagine that you would be good even against a regular river value bet since almost every draw got there and there are not that many combos of hands left that even good aggressive opponents can bluff with.

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        You asked the question "How often is my opponent bluffing?" and the answer is hardly ever. The board is so wet that it's almost impossible for villain to get to the river without a hand that doesn't beat KK. He's not jamming the river with 87s or 77, is he?
        Hands like Qx are probably check-calling or bet-folding the river. The rest of villain's range is trips (AJ/KJ), flushes, straights and boats. I'm not sure if villain would shove the straights and trips, but he can almost certainly beat an overpair in this spot.
        It's a very easy fold for me.
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