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5NL 6-max Zoom AKo

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AKo

    Hi, only 9 hands on the villain, he was playing 11/11/14. Not too many hands, but I'd put him more on a TAG style. Usually players calling 3B out of position are JJ or QQ, but on these spots where I 3B IP on the BB my range isn't super strong so he could call me lighter. When he bets the river out of position I knew I was beat, but what hand could make sense here ? wouldn't the back door flush scared his JJ,QQ,AQ,QK, into just check calling a bet ? His stacks of more than 750 BB for me usually sounds like maniacs doing crazy stuff and getting lucky, but I could be wrong. Any thoughts on the hand overall ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hey fp_boss I don't think any hand with a Q in it is going to give you credit for a backdoor flush here, why would they? They should only start to consider a backdoor flush strongly if you raise their river bet. So then as to hands he can have that beat you, AQ/KQ/QQ/QJ all make a lot of sense. And there are a lot of combinations of those hands considering this situation. This is not a board or a spot where people bluff much, you have three-bet preflop and flopped a complicated board. He either has a 1 pair hand that he won't turn into a bluff, or he has you beat, so once he bets, he has you beat. umbup: I also wouldn't judge him big stack as a sign of a weak player. Some people make money at this game



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