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AKo - 5NL Zoom - calling a 5bet IP

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  • AKo - 5NL Zoom - calling a 5bet IP

    The Villain is an unknown - played 4 hands and he had called twice in those hands. Information was pretty worthless. The hand itself doesnt need to much analysis as for how it went after the flop. I'm interested to know how spewy the pre-flop play by me is in the long term. The villains 3bet was small, so I 4bet, his 5bet was amall enough for me to feel like I could call. So I called with the plan being to fold if I didnt hit the board hard. I didnt have enough info to specifically put him on AA or any other premium apart from the fact of course that he 5bet me. The fact that his raises were quite small persuaded me to call. Had they been normal raises it would have been easier to get away. He got me to do what he wanted - give him action - most times he will take a decent pot when I miss. My play is a losing proposition in the long term though isnt it? I should either be committing to the hand or folding?
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    hi bhoy,

    Yes, I think this is a losing proposition. I actually don't like your 4b here tbh.

    Villain is largely unknown but we have some info that is useful:

    -He has called 2 out of 4 hands seen. Leaning towards fishy.
    -He has 3-bet an EP open. From possible passive/fishy this = strong
    -His sizing is a click back (min-reraise). From possible passive/fish this is a bet sizing tell of a monster.

    So far the indicators are that we are up against a legit big hand, and not AQ here. Now maybe h misclicked raise or maybe the 3rd factor is just how he sizes 3b's and he's wild (ignoring the small sample in the 1st factgor). it's possible, but :

    -He click-back 5-bets. Until we know different for a specific villain, this is a huge fish bet sizing tell of AA. They know they're supposed to raise again, but are afraid of losing you, so they compromise the ideas and min-raise. When we get to the level of a 5-bet, this is a pretty solid read of AA in most cases.

    Just given the initial action of 3-betting an EP opener from MP from a possible loose passive guy, I'd give him credit. Our hand is strong enough to call in position for 5bb's total, but 4-betting is probably not good since we do not play well vs his continuing range. And as played calling his 5 bet is definitely not good imo, even for the price of a click-back, given the read imo.
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      Yeah, I'm not overly happy with the 4bet myself, in the moment I think I must have processed (I cant think of a better word) his min 3bet as a call just because it looked like such a pathetically small raise and that I was essentially squeezing the original raiser and villain.

      Once he 5bets I figure that as I have already committed something to the pot I can see a flop and get away from it when I whiff the flop.

      I was fairly sure I was behind when I made the call which was AA/KK in my head. So if I had flopped an A or a K he would likely still have shoved. He played it inelegantly from start to finish. I have folded AK after pairing one of my cards and I could still have got away from it.

      Luckily I hit the flop with a sledgehammer and he did the betting for me.

      Turned a break even session into a winning one.



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