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flhe HUD

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  • flhe HUD

    heey guys since im transitiong more to flhe what stats should u be using in your hud off course vpip and pfr but which other stats can aslo come in handy?
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    Good question. I've played very few fixed limit hands and never created especially for that format.

    I think adding a bunch of aggression stats would be helpful. Either use AF or Agg% on a street-by-street basis, so you can work out which guys are raising draws and one pair hands (high agggression) and which are passive with their draws. WTSD will probably be useful once you've got a decent sample size on someone too. I'd guess that a typical WTSD would be over 40% (as opposed to closer to 25% for no limit), but anyone going all the way to showdown more than 50% must have a very weak range, and therefore be an unbluffable calling station.
    In a way, you don't really need a lot of the standard NLH stats like attempt to steal/fold to steal and c-bet/fold to c-bet. If you just use VPIP/PFR/3bet for pre-flop and overall aggression numbers for post-flop, you'll soon work out which guys are the bettors/raisers and which are the callers.
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      ty arty will play arround with it and post my final hud here so other can use it aswell
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        Hi Ado, I just use my normal HUD which includes VPiP, PFR, 3Bet, Steal, Fold to steal, Agg Factor and the optional notecaddy add on for HEM.

        Like you I'll maybe configure my HUD a bit more.
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          heey guys this is the result of my playing around with the hud
          first line: name, number of hands
          second line: vpip, pfr, 3bet, wtsd, w$sd
          third lin: agression factor, flop agrassion, fold to flop cbet, fold to turn cbet, fold to steal
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            tried using this recently for 6max flhe

            Total Hands

            TOT VPIP
            TOT PFR
            Postflop Aggression Factor

            TOT Steal
            TOT Fold To Steal
            TOT 3bet
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              That's my basic HUD for all games but I also use notecaddy which helps me in certain spots. I don't refer to my NC stats much but when I do they are specific tells which I can exploit.
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