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5NL 6-max Zoom QQ against 3B

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom QQ against 3B

    Hi, no reads in teh villain here. Is the flop a good spot to check back or should I c-bet ? Was the river a bad call since he could have AdKx ? Cuz when he bets the river, it didn't make sense for me that he had a King, I thought it could be hands like Adtx or Ad9x so I called since I was getting 4:1 odds. If he had bet half of the pot or more I'd fold. Thanks

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    Pre-flop, I'm 4-betting for value against anyone but an ubernit. At higher stakes, calling/trapping might lead to more value, but at 5NL, this is a stack off hand in this situation. You raised on the button, and at Zoom villains will often presume you are stealing light, so they will 3-bet out of the blinds with random aces and smaller pairs. By 4-betting you take control of the hand when you're almost certainly ahead. Villain might even 5-bet jam with a hand like AJ, which you're crushing.
    As played you call and the flop is a monotone. When villain checks here, he never has a big hand, unless he flopped the nuts. He should be c-betting this board with his entire 3-betting range, so he must be super-light, with something like A4s in clubs. Since you have an overpair and a flush draw, you should definitely be betting in position. (You can't c-bet, because you weren't the last raiser, but you can certainly bet, both for value and protection). Checking behind could allow villain to suck out for free.
    Calling villain's turn bet is fine. I think he has air most of the time and this delayed c-bet is his attempt to take the pot away after you checked back the flop. The river king is pretty sick, because there are definitely some kings in his range, including the obvious AKo that completely missed the flop. Villain's bet is very small though, so I think you have to call, as he can show up with some random hands that bricked.

    Overall, I think you tried to getting too fancy in this hand. At 5NL, it's counter-productive to do so. QQ is a monster, so you should play it like one, at least until the board turns ugly or villain gives you good reason to believe you're losing. In short, 4-bet pre, bet the flop. Villain can call with worse in both spots.
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