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5NL 6-max Zoom AQs

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AQs

    Hi, the limper stats are 18/10/3 - AF 12 and I had a note on him (limp call PF=22). The other villain is unkown. The almost pot-sized c-bet sounded like a hand like TPTK or top two pair. I knew the limper's range was a pocket pair. I didn't raised here since hands like AK would maybe just call and I would be out of position on the turn, so I decided to shove and see both turn and river. I played it bad ? And would this be a spot to 3B pre-flop ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp_boss77

    Without a read on V6 it is tough to know the best preflop line, but calling seems fine since our hand can play pretty well post flop.

    I tend to lead with a bet on boards like this with a 50% - 70% pot bet and am prepared to call a normal raise. We may be ahead now. Plus we have at least 9 good outs to the flush. This board connects with much of V6s range. Leading helps us narrow the range of both villains. The board doesnt seem to help V5 unless he has pocket 2s again. Check-calling would also be an option and help to keep the pot under control.

    As played, it looks like you are getting value owned. Your shove is huge compared to the pot. All the hands you are beating will fold, meaning you win less than you could have; whereas only the hands ahead of you will call, meaning you are losing more than necessary. If you put V5 on TPTK or two pair, then he is ahead of you right now. He bet the pot to make you pay to chase a flush. Overbetting all in as you did creates a situation in which you willingly pay your entire stack in order to chase a 1 in 3 flush draw.

    Here you were rather lucky twice. Firstly both opponents called your shove. Secondly, you made your flush winning a great pot. I plugged the hands into Pokerstove. V5 with a set has 67,5% equity, V6 with AK has 1,6% and you have 31% equity. If V5 hadnt flopped a set and folded, you would still only have 43% equity vs V6.

    I hope this helps!

    Roland GTX


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      Thanks for the insights Roland umbup: But what do I do if I lead tbhe flop, get raised, call and teh turn is not a heart ? should I bet again a possibly call an all-in ?


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        6 max AQs

        I would normally 3bet here as I don't like flatting in SB.

        Post flop I would normally take an aggresive line with NF draw. However some of the value in that is that V6 may have a worse draw. With this action and flop that is very unlikely, so a more passive line would be my approach. Obv tricky with an unknown raiser but I agree, the allin is value owning yourself.


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          I think the plan with leading out is that one villain will fold and the other will either call or raise. If he re-raises, you can ship it. Unfortunately, you're not actually a favourite against AK (or a set) on this board, but you have some fold equity against one pair hands and equity of something like 38% with your pair+draw.

          (If you had two overcards to the board, then you'd generally be a favourite versus top pair).
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