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made the right fold?

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  • made the right fold?

    heey guys im just starting at flhe have read some articles.
    but here was one hand where i wasnt sure if i mad ethe right laydown
    both villians where playing pretty loose
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    limping in was ok (but maybe should consider widening your raise range??)
    checking the flop was bad
    fold was good

    you know i'd never give advice being a beginner myself, but you were kind enough to read my shit

    haha..and i think maybe we got the some similar problems?

    so honestly, i think this is an e.g. of slow play generating bad luck

    Looking back, things could easily have gone different. With an initial raise, you could have had the aura of an A.....with a bet on the flop you get the aura of hitting your low card with that ace lurking to kill any 2pair gambit.....and you're not even fibbing!!

    if i was holding 32o and saw that flop along with the auras^, fair chance i'd fold.

    People who really can play poker players say it too - slow play is our enemy....only used when necc. to mess with something bigger, like table dynamics

    so you should probably have done more to stop the hand progressing beyond the flop, but no probs with the fold once the turn came down

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      heey spirit thanks for hyour opinnion and i think you are right btw the flop wasnt slowplaying i had a gut feeling that i was in trouble :P
      but your right im going to try to play these hand a litle more agro
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        Hi ad,

        I think our hand is strong enough to raise preflop, so far no one has voluntarily entered the pot even, all we have are the blinds and a poster, so I don't like open limping here. Raise with the probable best hand and take the initiative, perhaps buy the button, and don't give the BB and poster a free look.

        We flopped great for our hand but it's very vulnerable, why check and risk a free card to 4 opponents? Bet here 100% of the time.

        I think the fold on the turn is ok, since this guy has a random hand he can have trips, and we could face more raising behind us.
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          Hi Ad,

          Completely forgot i wrote this^ a little smashed that day!

          Reading back, i am surprisingly legible haha, but 'slow' was not the right word. 'Scuze my ignorance - no offence meant.

          All the best m8, hope to see you out there.

          PS i've found the WSOplay Money private club to be pretty friendly and helpful.



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