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25NL - Turn decision facing a pot donk bet

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  • 25NL - Turn decision facing a pot donk bet

    Hey guys, Not too much info on villain here, except that he seemed to be a recreational player raising many hands preflop, playing 43/29/1 at that moment. I decided to 3bet AT OTB for value; I think calling is okay also, but I was worried of a sqz from the blinds who seemed pretty active 3bettors. We flop gin and we bet for value. Turn brings a heart and villain donks for pot. I don't see any bluffs in his range when he does this. But obviously we are bad against flushes; with the Th in our hand and one more card to come (if we do happen to hit a heart on the river we might still not be good); So it's a bit confusing to me here how to proceed, can he be doing this with 2pair? a Tx? Fold or shove?

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    Hi Geo

    I do not think I can fold this hand. A recreational player with those stats might do a lot of crazy things and we are not guaranteed to be looking at anything as strong as a straight some of the times.
    Even if he always has at least a straight my guess is that he still has many more Ts in his range than flushes so I am definitely shoving and expecting to be good about 70% of the time.

    By the way I would probably overbet the flop against a recreational player. There are so many worse hands he can call or spazz with that I feel we are missing a ton of value by betting only $3



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      I agree with Tommy, I'm never folding here. In fact I'm going to put the player all in. He looks fishy and will likely call with 2 pairs especialy if he holds the Qh. Also he has a whole lot of Tx in his range so get the money in imo.
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        Hey Geo I think we should bet larger on the flop, like 3.50, this is a minor point, but his continuing range on the flop continues versus most any bet size, within reason. On the turn I would shove for value and I think its not much close. There are so many hands to get value from. Calling in position isn't really going to alleviate our issues dealing with a lead. We can't do much if he's turned a flush. But look at all the hands we can get value from. There are so many hands a player like this can show up with that have TX in them. KT/QT/JT/TT/T9/AT. We can freeroll some AT combos (the reason I included it). So I think we should shove, if he has a made flush, hit the Qh umbup: I like your three-bet in this situation and your flop bet, just could be a little bit bigger.



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