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5NL 6-max Zoom 66

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom 66

    Hi, the villain is unkown. Help me with the reading here. The flop is dry so after hi calls I thought he had at least an Ace. I bet the turn again since he could fold some Aces and maybe even some two pair hands. OTR I don't complete my hand so I check and he makes a small bet. usually in spots like these it sounds like a weak ace that is scared of beting too much but don't wanna check. Or it could be two pair scared of a straigth but resisting in checking. Sould I check fold the turn ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp,

    First of all without reads I don't like 3-betting, I think it's more profitable to just call and straight forward set mine... an action for .03c we know is profitable, where as not having any idea how loose or tight this guy responds to 3b's, how sticky he is post flop, etc., I don't know how my 3b is going to be profitable with a small pair.

    At the point where you bet the flop and he calls, I assume we are beat. It's a dry board so he can't be drawing, and all made hands beat us. Mostly it's big aces, sometimes 88 slow playing. If he were a routine floater then I might fire another shell in this spot, but no read other than 5nl and odd non-full stack so I seriously doubt it. Just give up when called on the flop here.

    One thing I would caution on:

    I bet the turn again since he could fold some Aces and maybe even some two pair hands.
    This thought process is a big leak. With the stack size he's playing (and you should check how many tables, probably only 1 most likely), he's likely to be a weak player. Trying to get weak players to fold top pair is lighting money on fire. Especially when it's a pair of aces. And 2 pair? No one is folding 2 pair here. Think about it... weak players would never dream of folding 2 pair unless the board got super scary, and even then sometimes they can't find a fold. And no good player would ever fold 2 pair either if they held it, as they are ranging you, and if the story you're telling with your line is to be believed, your most likely holding is AK/AQ. A good player would at least call, if not raise you with 2 pair.
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