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5NL 6-max Zoom AQo

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AQo

    Hi, the villain is unkown, only 4 hands on him. I'm having problems playing hands like these. I think that folding the flop it's to weak since the flop don't seem to hit villains range. I put on poekrstove a range of 22+,ATs+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,ATo+,KTo+,QTo+, JTo,T9o,98o,87o (pocket pairs, broadways, and 89,78) and I'm 60% favorite even without a backdoor FD. I think that calling here in position to bet on any spade, A, Q if he checked could be an option, and fold to his second barrel otherwise fi the board don't hit me or gets scary. I'm even thinking on raising here to 2.5 x since it would fold all broad ways pocket pair (exepct TT+) (exepct 22,33,55), suited connectors 89,78 and probably fold his FD as well. A call or 3B would mean a set of FD, so I'd be glad to let go of the hand then. The fold equity here is huge since he'd fold most of his range. Is my line of thinking here good ? Thanks umbup:

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    personally in that spot, most of the time I am 3-betting pre flop and folding to a 4 bet. If the opponent does call I am c-betting most dry flops including the one that came in your example. Without the betting lead here its just a guessing game, the opponent can have literally anything so I am fine with just giving up and folding the flop the way you did. I do think you are much better off re raising pre flop to get a better idea as to where the opponent is at and to sieze the initiative in the hand.


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      His bet was weak imo i would call and bet the turn when he checks, though i do prefer the 3bet preflop better


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        I'm still working out my 3-bet ranges for 6-max, but I'd be 3-betting AQ for value here. Seizing the initiative makes the hand a lot easier to play if villain decides to call and play OOP.

        As herb says, you're playing a guessing game if you just flat pre and get a flop like this. Villain's range is super-wide, ranging from overpairs and sets that have you in bad shape, to random overcards and weak draws.
        I'm not really keen to raise the flop because your hand has value, and you'd be turning it into a bluff, but villain is never folding his overpairs and is probably calling with most of his draws too.
        I'd sometimes fold on the flop, but mostly float and try and take the pot away on the turn if villain checks. If he fires a second barrel and you're still on ace high, then you can give up.
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          Hi,I'm no sure about 3-betting hands like these because the times you get called and c-bet on dry flops, certainly the hands that called you PF will call a c-bet on these kind of flops. So I'd be putting a lot of money on a c-bet when I'll be often behind ( on a pot larger than usual ). With a 3B to 0.45 the pot would be 0.97 and a c-bet would be between 0.50 and 0.70. By calling in position I allow my opponent to continue with worst hands and playing out of position. And on flops like these that he most of the times don't connect I could raise his c-bet to 0.50 where I'd have a lot of fold equity. He'd continue with his sets and some overpair and would certainly fold overcards and not be getting the right price on his draw since I'd not continue bluffing the hand. Can anyone analyze my line of thought here ? To see if it makes sense ? Thanks umbup:


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            If you 3-bet pre, then villain will often call with pocket pairs, but there's no law that says you have to c-bet when the flop comes all low cards like this. Being in position means you can check-behind and take a free card, and you can bet the turn if a scare card comes along.

            I haven't done the exact math, but raising the flop after just calling pre probably means you're risking just as much money as you would if you 3-bet pre. The added bonus of 3-betting pre-flop is that villain will often fold hands that are beating you (e.g. 77), so you don't even see a flop. If he doesn't see the flop, he doesn't have a chance to hit it.
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