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    Do you think i should be betting bigger on the river? When villain donked i put him on a draw or a J turn comes he checks i was tempted to bet again but decided not to because theres a good chance he had a J. I make my straight on the river im fairly confident im ahead when he checks and im putting him on a J so bet near enough pot its pointless betting half pot because if he did miss a draw hes not calling anyway so i near enough pot it. im not to worried about a boat or the higher straight as i would expect him to bet after i checked the turn so does anyone think i should bet more here?

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    He's usually checking the turn because you raised the flop. You basically made the "free card play" with your draw. You got your free card, so taking it is fine. Villain is probably always check-calling with Jx on this river, and leading with a boat. Since you're targetting trips with your river bet, I think your sizing is good. Against better players, I'd usually bet a little less, because our play (raise flop, check turn) looks exactly like a draw, and the most obvious draw got there. Villain should really be folding the river, as he's not beating anything but 98s, but since it's BvB, he probably thinks you can have complete air sometimes.
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      Like how you played it throughout, although donkbets can represent a range of things- it's quite villain specific, and for competent villains can depend a lot on board texture. My donkbet range will be very different to that of a loose passive, for example. You'd have needed to fold to a 3-bet on the flop. Think the river bet sizing is fine.

      What was your plan is the river had bricked (eg, 3c had come out?)


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        I would of checked because i put him on a J so i know im not getting him off of that which makes me think why didn't i ship it. I don't know but i will bluff sometimes about 2/3 of the pot it depends on what i think there holding and if i think they could fold TPTK but i seen players at 2nl that cant fold mid pair lol.


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          As a general rule, 2NL players are incapable of folding top pair, even on scary boards. You or I can do it, but most can't.
          You can exploit this by betting BIGGER when you can beat top pair, but don't make big semi-bluffs expecting villain to fold his hand. Checking the turn in this hand is definitely the right play, because villain might have check-raised all in if you'd bet, and you wouldn't have the odds to call with your draw.

          This hand illustrates the power of position. OOP, villain can't get value for his trips after you've semi-bluffed the flop. He is "frozen" by the raise, so he checks the turn. You can check behind, knowing you're never calling a river bet if you miss the draw, but you're always making money when he check-calls the river. It's win-win for you, and lose-lose for villain, because he never gets paid when he has the best hand, but you always get paid when you do. Position is king.
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