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5NL 6-Max: TP on Dry Board 3 way

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  • 5NL 6-Max: TP on Dry Board 3 way

    Villain 6 was either a weak LAG or a donkey. Villain 2 was TAG. (idk if the re player showed it but he had 66) Just Called OTF to keep their ranges wide and see what develops. Don't want to fold out weaker TPs, PPs etc. Villain 2 x OTT so I half pot for value. Weaker hands that were ok OTF should be calling me here. Monsters would raise giving me an easy fold. Could I have squeezed in some value OTR?

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    Hi low rated,

    Since the flop is pretty dry I think your flop call is good and I like your turn bet as well. I think you are right to think you missed out on value OTR as many worse hands will call a bet imo. You will in all likelyhood get looked up by the TAG when he holds a worse pair such as 88/99/TT as well as the odd occasion he has KT. When this villain calls the weak player in the BB will call pretty wide and can definately look you up with a 5 or maybe even a 3, bad players just can't fold. I'd bet around $1.50 OTR.

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      Hi LR,

      I agree with Oli, I would go for a value bet on the river. V2 is the only real concern here but as I assume a TAG would 3b us with AK a lot, that really only leaves KQ to worry about. He can have some worse kings, and some pairs below that (thinking we may not have a king since we didn't raise the donkey). And V6 is obviously no concern, unless he made trip 2's and checks to get cute, possible but remote. V6 will pay off light, that's what weak LAGs/donkeys do, so we make a lot of extra $ value betting them thin on the river. And this isn't even that thin imo, it's only made more so by V2's presence.
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        I thought as much, I will have to keep my eyes open for that extra value in the future. Thanks for the responses guys.



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