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5nl fr KJs another tough two pair call

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  • 5nl fr KJs another tough two pair call

    Poker Stars, $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 9 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. Hero (BTN): $5.43 (108.6 bb) SB: $5.15 (103 bb) BB: $2.69 (53.8 bb) UTG+1: $4.67 (93.4 bb) UTG+2: $4.84 (96.8 bb) MP1: $2.39 (47.8 bb) MP2: $1.83 (36.6 bb) MP3: $5.89 (117.8 bb) CO: $2.36 (47.2 bb) Preflop: Hero is BTN with K J 2 folds, MP1 raises to $0.15, 2 folds, CO calls $0.15, Hero calls $0.15, SB folds, BB calls $0.10 Flop: ($0.62) K 2 Q (4 players) BB bets $0.20, MP1 calls $0.20, CO folds, Hero calls $0.20 Turn: ($1.22) J (3 players) BB bets $0.60, MP1 calls $0.60, Hero calls $0.60 River: ($3.02) 2 (3 players) BB bets $1.45, MP1 folds, Hero calls $1.45 Results:

    $5.92 pot ($0.25 rake) Final Board: K 2 Q J 2 Hero mucked K J and lost (-$2.40 net) BB showed K Q and won $5.67 ($3.27 net) MP1 mucked and lost (-$0.95 net) [/spoiler] Ok, this time I flop a top pair and a flash draw in a multiway pot, and pick up a second pair on the turn. An aggressive reg (19/12/3.8 over 68 hands) takes the initiative with bet sizes that look like value betting. Hands like AK, AQ and maybe even TT should be in his range with this line. So I'm happy to sit back and call his bets, but that does not work out quite as expected. Now that I look at the whole picture (was distracted by the second table atm) it seems that hands like K2 Q2 22 are also a large part of his range with this line. He'd probably 3bet preflop with JJ+ (although his squeeze is 0). Should I have folded? When?

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    Hi sluch,

    As to when you should have folded, the answer could be preflop. No reads are given on the opener so I assume from that this is a standard flat for you pre regardless of situation (as you're not questioning it at all). The opener and caller are both playing half stacks however, so there's not great implied odds here and the value of position is reduced somewhat. If MP1 is a TAG for instance this is a fold.

    Post flop I'm not sure how we can find a fold. We hit the flop hard and face a small bet from the BB position. I would be tempted to raise him tbh, the 1/3rd pot bet looks like a feeler with a K or Q, or a draw trying to set a good price. And even when behind we have reasonable equity with top pair+flush draw.

    Turn he bets again, this time for half the pot, but we've improved to 2 pair. He's only got $1.70 left now. MP1 calls again. BB does not have TT in his range, no TAG is donking 3rd pair in a multiway pot, and barreling it after being called twice, even picking up a straight draw. His hand looks a lot like KJ/KT/QJ/QT or flush draws, leaning towards the weaker hands since his betting is weak on a wet board. MP1 is never ahead just calling imo. So I would raise them all in right now since the pot is large relative to the remaining stacks, we have the probable best hand right now, and we have outs when behind to subsidize that contingency.

    As played, not only would I not fold the river, I would put him in for his last .30c as I think we're good more than half the time here. I expect to see KT or QJ a lot here, as well as some other random K's since he got in preflop for cheap multiway.
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      Hey Dave, thanks a lot for advice, many useful points, especially on ranging.

      The MP1 stats are 17/7/0 over 29, so taggish.

      I'm trying to focus more on postflop game in general, as I find that this is my weaker area at the moment. So I play a little bit looser in position (and still at 13/11/5 overall). I don't really have a standard for broadways yet, been both folding, flatting and iso-raising.

      I didn't realise they are midstacks, and that only 30c are left, will pay more attention to that in the future.

      Oh by the way the nickname is one word "sluchai", that would be "random event" in Russian

      Thanks again.



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