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5NL 6-max Zoom 99

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom 99

    Hi, there's no enough stats on the villains to have any reliable reads on the HUD. Should I've bet the turn and fol to a raise ? and if I'd get called should I bet the river again ? and fold to raise ? Since he could have a flush Or is my line here ok ? umbup:

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    Hi fp,

    Preflop good.

    Flop I think we should lead out more than check... check/raising makes it hard for the weak player (V5, open limp/calling preflop = probably weak) to continue with weak kings and weak draws like JT, and in a 3 way pot the preflop raiser is less likely to c-bet showdown value hands like QQ or air like AT.

    As played we should be betting this turn 100% of the time, and not folding to a raise. Hand ranging. Villain makes a large continuation bet into 2 players, and calls your check-raise. It's unlikely he would flat call with KK on a fairly wet board (it would be pretty bad anyway). So his range is AK, KQ, KJ, KJ... some pairs TT-QQ that are going to use their position to see what happens on the turn, and maybe AA, although sometimes at least AA reraises the flop.

    And then flush draws, but most of those combos, given the action, will be nut flush draws. So when the Ah comes on the turn, it's very unlikely he's made a flush. And we'd still have 10 outs on the river against the few he might have (QJh, QTh, JTh mostly). So we should bet this turn:

    1) For value against AK
    2) to deny a free card against hands that will only call the river if they draw out on us.. QQ, JJ, the Qh, Jh, Th.

    If he raises our turn bet it doesn't matter, we'll have so little left relative to the pot that it's an easy calll off... he will probably put us in with AK here since he's committing and doesn't want to get scared by a 4th heart on the river, and he might decide to go nuts with QxQh or KxQh as well on the virtue of the nut draw. If he's got AA that's unlucky, but we can't win them all.
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      Thanks Dave. You'll right, the Ah on the turn it's unlikely to complete his flush. I should bet to get value from worst hands or hands drawing to the flush. umbup:



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