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I played bad, but how bad?

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  • I played bad, but how bad?

    Hi! I played this hand yesterday and I know I didn't get it right. I was against a generally loose-agressive that is often all-in. I know I'm tight, and maybe, I'm not sure, maybe a little bit passive, although I am constant. So, on the pre-flop, I don't want to raise because I'm in a bad position and my hand is strong, but not that much. When the flop is showed, I have my open flush nut draw, but, I'm not quite there, and still, there's an ace on the board plus 2 diamonds, so, I don't want to loose money with this wet board, so I checked. He play 1/3 of the pot. For me, he got the ace, but, I still have my percentage of chance to hit my ten and 1/3 of the pot is not that much paid. On the turn, there's an other ace, so I thought that he hits his set, so I checked, but he only plays the same amount as before. So I'm thinking that he don't have the ace, but it's more like a queen or a flush draw. In both case, I'm still with nothing, but, not only I can hit a 10 to bet him now, but maybe a king as well will be good. Worth the shot to follow, but not raise, since I have nothing. River show my ten, I know I win, I checked, and I instantly thought I made a mistake, I should have bet. Well, he bets one and a half the pot, so I thought, because I checked, he thinks I have big nothing or a queen, or maybe he just hit his KJ as well, that's why he was just betting the smallest amount before, which in that case, I don't want to loose that. So, just in case he bets with his queen, i'll raise. He puts himself all-in and for me it's not a question, he has the KJ as well and I don't want to loose that. I'll go too. So, I know I should have bet on the river, I admit this mistake, but, how bad I played that? The villain afterward started to insult me as I am a "assfaker". I don't mind the insult, but did I played this hand that bad? Does it worth a 10 lines insults? Sorry for the long story, just want to know if the evolution of my thought made sense. Oh, and it's my first post for analysis, did i do it right? Thanks!
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    Hi Babelle,

    So we get a free look from the BB. I would actually lead out on the flop here. Villain is loose-aggressive but limped in this hand, so it's very unlikely he's got an ace as LAGs raise most of those, so he's got some A-rags in his range but tons of non-ace hands as well. We have good fold equity leverage against all his pocket pairs and air and a gut shot to fall back on. Checking is tricky because it invites a LAG to bet, and puts us in an awkward spot as we could easily have the best hand right now and are lost on how to proceed.

    I think his weak betting on the turn would lead me to raise, although I would take the lead earlier in the hand. When we make the straight on the river I like checking to him, he's had the lead the whole hand and will have a lot of air, so give him one more chance to make a bluff. And I would raise as we are almost always winning. It's a very easy call when he re-raises all in imo... we already know he's wild, and since he can't put us on a hand here being passive the whole time, he might shove an ace-rag thinking he's good, maybe even a hand like KQ although that would be terrible, he's probably making lots of mistakes. And he can bluff sometimes being wild like he is. If he's got 22 or A2, nh. TT, QQ, AQ, AT a LAG would raise pre so those aren't too likely.

    The one thing I noticed about your thoughts is that you don't raise because you have nothing, but when your opponent's range is weak you can consider raising to get them to fold. He can fold small pocket pairs if we raise here or take the lead earlier in the hand. As you played it though I think betting on the river is a mistake... he's loose-aggressive, has the betting lead, and a range of hands that is weak and includes a fair bit of bluffs... so check and give him one more chance to bluff before you drop the bomb.
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      Wow! What a sight! I note that. Thanks a lot, I understand more my own play.



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