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Dream situiation

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  • Dream situiation

    Perfect time to go set mining all thanks to Artys blog i wouldnt normally call this preflop.
    Last edited by mike2198; Sun May 19, 2013, 10:25 PM.

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    Not entirely sure what the question is? Fantastic implied odds to set mine, you either hit and get stacks in, or miss and c/f. Donkbet makes things better for you- no need to decide whether to donk or c/r. Hand played itself.


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      Yeah i totally agree that the hand played itself. Nothing to analyse really. You made 2 decisions and both of them were correct. Well played Reminded me of my "dream situation" from not too long ago 44 vs 77 vs JJ umbup:


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        Hi mike,

        Definite call preflop here, even without reads.

        I agree with Chester, not sure what the question is? I can't imagine anyone with a set of 8's or J's betting all in for 10x the size of the pot on the flop, so it's an easy all. It's probably a jack trying to "protect his hand" LOL. He's about to learn the hard way why that's such a terrible thought process.

        I wouldn't be thrilled with V1's overcall though, if you're beat it's going to be there.

        Edit: Just saw the result. V2's play with AJ is horrid, clearly he overvalues top pair and is probably one of the "got to protect my hand" players, he should stick to tournaments because he'll get killed in cash. I also don't like V1's overcall tbh, it's a dry board, I would snap call V2 with the AA but your call is usually going to be J8 or a set, so I think V1 should let it go... but obviously he should have 3b preflop and chose to flat call and slow play, so he shouldn't go broke post flop to it then.
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          I was just repping Arty's blog, i don't normally call with low pairs.

          I think i would of called this hand before but i wouldnt call like in like mid position with 2 players before me with low pocket pairs instead i was making the mistake of opening them to often and not getting payed i thought this hand was a good example as why its better to call with 2 plus players in the pot because if you flop a set and it was UTG that opened there's a good chance he has an over pair and your be picking up his stack.

          Where as before i would open 66 and flop nothing and it was a waste of money at least when you call with these hands with 2 plus players in the pot your getting payed when you hit.



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