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KK 2nl

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  • KK 2nl

    How would i play this hand profitably at higher stakes vs better players? At 2nl i know i can get a stack off a player who had AJ here which was why i just got all in because i know i will make money in the long run but against player that wont stack of with AJ here how would you go about this hand with your overpair?

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    I'd play it the same way, maybe raising a little less.

    Unlucky, especially if opponent is loose agressive and you can't put him on JJ or A9. To a rock there is a small chance we can get away from it but his flat call to our reraise might rule out JJ.

    I use notecaddy software that might pick up spots like this if I had it configured correctly but you really need a 1,000+ sample on this villian to become accurate in this spot.

    I'm stacking off as well.
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      So at like 10nl players are gonna stack off with TPTK? I haven't got reads on anyone this is the only trouble with zoom.


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        I'm not a cash player so take what I say with a grain of sand, I'm sure a hand analyser will put you right in this spot.

        I don't think you could have done to make the outcome any different but what would you do if you were in his shoes with TPTK? How was your image? Were you loose aggressive/ tight aggressive/ passive/ maniac?

        You can't justify why a player makes his decisions but you can sometimes understand them more when you look at things from his perspective.

        I'm certainly losing a lot of chips if I had TPTK if I were in his shoes but it all depends on what your image is. If you've anyway aggressive stats then I'm stacking off against you. If you've been a total rock then I can reluctantly get away from the hand. Your 3 bet stat pre flop for instance would be of critical importance to me.
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          It was zoom so we wouldnt have stats on each other, I dont think i played bad here i just was wondering if better players would stack off with TPTK obviously every time you bet you have to think can worse call and the answer was yes even if i checked the turn i would have to call when he ships it.


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            I don't think the stakes make much, if any, difference for this particular situation, because it's a 3-bet pot with a 75bb villain, and the flop is pretty dry. If a villain is bad enough to call a 3-bet OOP with AJ, then he's obviously stacking off when he hits TPTK. More likely holdings are QQ-99. The stack to pot ratio makes this an obvious stack off for all overpairs and TP. Just look at villain's stack size and compare it to the pot. The SPR is about 2.5 on the flop. If villain calls, he's completely committed, as he'll have less than a PSB on the turn. Villain might even be committed to shipping TT on this board.
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