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Help with improving preflop stats

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  • Help with improving preflop stats

    Hello everyone Can you help me with improving some of my preflop stats? I do not have Leak Buster or anything like that and have very little experience with working with these numbers so any advice would be highly appreciated umbup: I am playing mostly at Zoom 6max, usually at 10NL. My preflop steals: CO - 31% BTN- 54% SB - 34% too high? too low? I have got no idea but I have seen winning regs have these numbers ridiculously high, some of them even have SB and BTN steals higher than 90%!!! 3bet: 6.2 fold to 3bet: 64% again, a lot of winning regs I have seen at my tables have 3bet close to 9%. Should I be 3betting more often? The same applies to the 2nd stat - fold to 3bet. Some regs have it very high - above 80%, some ridiculously low - even below 30%. Where is the optimal spot to be in? fold to flop cbet: 54% fold to flop cbet in 3b pot: 51% Too low? I might be trying to float a bit too often... fold to steals in SB: 84% fold to steals in BB: 72% Should I be trying to play back more? I do not have the feeling that I am defending the blinds too well... but this might be because I am aware of that I suck postflop when OOP Thanks a lot umbup: Tommy

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    These stats actually look very good and quite standard in most respects. I think you should probably be 3-betting a bit more often in the blinds when facing a steal, and the ideal hands to do this with are small suited aces, if you're not currently restealing with those.

    I think you might be better off folding to 3-bets a bit more often. If you're often calling 3-bets when OOP, then that's a common (and expensive) leak.
    It's difficult to say what would be the "ideal" numbers, because you haven't posted your overall VPIP/PFR figures. If you were quite loose, then you should be more inclined to fold to 3-bets, but if you're tight, your range can often withstand a re-raise.

    There's really nothing here that looks fishy, but if you can post your positional stats by posting a screengrab like I did here, then maybe something more obvious will show up.

    3-bet pots tend to be the ones that cause the most problems and cause the biggest leaks. If you can set up filters for "3-bet=true" or "facing 3-bet=true" you might detect some patterns, especially if you replay some of the hands. Maybe you're floating too often in 3-bet pots, or maybe you're barrelling too often, or not enough.
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      Originally posted by TommyGun369 View Post
      My preflop steals: CO - 31% BTN- 54% SB - 34% 3bet: 6.2 fold to 3bet: 64% fold to flop cbet: 54% fold to flop cbet in 3b pot: 51% fold to steals in SB: 84% fold to steals in BB: 72%
      Hey Tommy I have Leak Busters, and when I run it, it gives the ranges for profitable players for most of the stats you've listed, and then shows where mine are in relation to that range. I'll just leave out my stats, because some of them are a work in progress lol - but I can give you the ranges for each of the stats you listed. Some of the ranges are pretty wide, so I guess there's lots of room for lots of different styles to work? LeakBuster recommended ranges for 10nl 6-max Zoom Preflop steals: CO - 25.1-33% BTN- 35.8-52% SB - 25.4-41.4% 3bet: 5.9-9.1% fold to 3bet: this one's not on the list fold to flop cbet: 45.9-63% fold to flop cbet in 3b pot: not on the list fold to steals in SB: 78.2-88.6% fold to steals in BB: 65.8-83.9% It looks like all your stats are good umbup: There's a couple of ranges for some of the showdown stats if you're interested in seeing some of those too ... I'd add the right now, but I'm feeling lazy lol PS Oh hi Arty! Looks like we posted about the same time


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        Thanks guys umbup: Here are my position stats I cannot believe that I have not discovered this before!! This is a goldmine for very useful information. It appears to me that I am not playing CO very well and am actually less profitable there than I am at EP and MP. This is very surprising to me. I guess the bvious solution would be to tighten up? I also see that my resteal is less than 6% which is definitely low. Which hands are the best to resteal with? I already resteal with low suited aces and low pocket pair - 66 and lower (but only about 50% of the time) and sometimes against a very loose btn opener I resteal with suited kings or low suited connectors also. Are hands like unsuited broadways good for restealing? Should I include more suited connectors and gappers in my resteal range as well?
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          I actually think you have nothing to worry about with these stats. The sample size is only 20,000 hands, and variance can easily account for anything "weird". Your winrare in the CO is low, but you ran way below EV in that seat. You only need to lose 2 or 3 flips and your winrate over a sample of this size can change radically. You've probably been missing a lot of flops in that seat too, as your WTSD and W$SD numbers are lowest in the CO. Conversely, the opposite might actually be happening, as you're winning a lot without seeing showdowns in that position. Perhaps you're being too aggro. I'd be inclined to think that it's just short-term variance, however, and wouldn't want to alter my play unless the trend of low CO winrates continues for another 15k or so.

          Your play in the blinds would seem to be close to ideal. Maybe you could be restealing with the same range you're 3-betting OTB, as your 9% 3-bet there is working well, by the look of it.
          There's just one stat that stands out, and that is you're not stealing particularly often in BvB. When you do try stealing, you have a 65% success rate. If the BB is only calling/raising 35% of the time, you can be stealing a lot more often. Against nits, you can minraise ATC. Just tighten up your c-betting (or just immediately give up if you miss the flop) if you get called in BvB, as the BB will have position, and a fairly strong range. You'll make enough money from stealing with junk that it would still be profitable to check-fold 100% of flops.
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            Yeah I think stealing b vs b a bit more often is a good idea umbup: My BTN 3betting range is wider just because I can play my position fairly well against the type of villains I like to 3bet light. I do not think my OOP game is very good (especially in 3b pots) and I often only check fold or try to barrel villains off their hand. Not much room to maneuver unless the FPS kicks in and I am not Sandtrap to be able to play that style profitably As my postflop game gets better I will try and play more hands OOP, experiment a bit and if it goes wrong... well, then I know what not to do So what I took out of this is that my preflop game is actually OK, it's postflop where I suck at the most good to know Thanks a lot for your time!



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