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OverCards/Double Gutter Out of Position - Lead in or not

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  • OverCards/Double Gutter Out of Position - Lead in or not

    Not the most interesting or profitable hand ever.

    Free flop gives me overcards and double straight gutshot draws 7/J on a rainbow flop.

    Just wondering if it is OK/standard/not recommended to lead into a flop like this.

    Opponent was loose passive. 30/2 preflop small sample 40ish hands - cant work out postflop tendencies

    If I lead I am not going to win a big pot unless they do call and then I hit on later streets, but I win a little if they fold.

    So might it be better to check (and call a bet) than lead to build a pot hoping to hit.

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    Your better off just raising 4x pre flop there they will either fold or call and fold a cbet, i never get any money out of them unless they hit a pair, you could check but if you dont hit your straight and he makes any pair and you decide to start betting hes not gonna give up his hand.


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      Ed, you played this exactly as I would.
      I'm always checking here and seeing the flop for free. I love leading out on ragged boards in limped pots whether I have equity or not. This board connects quite well with part of a limper's range, but it also completely misses a lot of it too. With this flop, you have quite a lot of equity, so it's not even all that bad if a villain calls on the flop. If you make a straight, you could win a big pot. If you miss out on the turn, a villain will probably give you a cheap price (or even a free card) to keep drawing, and you'll definitely have implied odds, as limpers just can't let go once they make a pair.

      By checking your option and then betting the flop, you're actually risking less money than you would have if you'd made an iso-raise. It's kind of win-win.
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