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5NL 6-max Zoom 55

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom 55

    Hi, the river bet seemed strong but it didn't make sense the hands I've put him on. The HUD stats wre not significant since it was only 11 hands 27/9/0. Help me with the range here. I've put him on boardways or Pocker pairs PF. After he doesn't c-bet the Flop I thought it would be overpairs or sets. So the range was overcards or 66,77. I've called the Turn since I was ahead. But the strong bet on the river made me doubt my ranging and fold the hand.. Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp_boss77, I think I would have lead turn.
    If you call this turn, I think you have to call river too. There is not too many hands that would not cbet this flop. Overpairs would bet for value, sets would also bet for value and protect from flushes.

    I think what happened here is that he picked up some heart draw OTT and decided to semi-bluff and continued his bluff OTR.

    I could be wrong ofcourse and he could have slow played a big hand or made some 7x. But I think leading turn would have saved us the guess.

    By the way, I think you call preflop to set mine. So stick to your plan next time and fold when you miss


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      I agree with geo. Leading turn can get us some value from worse like Ace high or Draws and it prevents us from getting into a guessing mode when villain suddenly decides to semibluff/bluff turn. We cannot really decide what rivers will be good ones to call down on and so I like utilizing that he gave up on initiative here.
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