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25nl - TP vs unknown fish.

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  • 25nl - TP vs unknown fish.

    I had only been at the table for a few orbits but the BTN had already gave me good reason to label him as a fish he was playing far too many hands and overall I'd charcterise him as passive. The flop is so dry so when he jams it worries me as I'm unsure how wide he'll be doing this. We need 37% equity to call. Against a range of sets, 2 pair and a array of 1 pair hands, KK+, 88, 55, AKs, KTs+, K8s, K5s, AKo, KTo+ we have 42% equity. However if we remove KT from his range then our equity drops to 33% making it a fold. Unsure how profitbale calling is here. Any help with his range would be much appreciated
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    Hey Croyd,

    First, I don't think a fish would shove all in with nothing
    Second, even though you label him a fish, a fish can sometimes hit a big hand

    Now, this hand screams AK or AA, so I would fold
    A call then an all-in, it seemed planned
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      Hey Oli,

      You missed to include 76 in his range.
      Against { AA, 88, 55, AKs, KTs+, 76s, AKo, KTo+, 76o } we are even money.

      I'm not sure what this guy is doing; I don't understand why he would shove with sets when the board is so dry. I think we might even see something like TT in his hand so I don't know.

      I think it makes sense if he has K8, 85, or 76. Even against that we have 44% equity.

      I'm calling.


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        Hey Oli,

        after recreational player 2 goes out of the way I feel like we have to call here. Strong hands like sets, 2 pair or other strong hands he might have slowplayed preflop didn't need to jam here. I would expect most recreational players to be happyily slowplaying their bigger hands on boards like this in a multiway pot. He could be jamming on any Kx, 76s or even some random tiltbluffs. As the amount we have to call off is so little I don't think it can ever be a big mistake to just shrug-call this one off.
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