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Setting the Trap

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  • Setting the Trap

    This hand is abit loose but when you got 2 players in the pot if you flop big your likely to get payed off
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    Any reads/stats? (I know you said you only have the trial version of PT4, but I've been informed that it does include the hand replayer and is otherwise fully functional.)

    I don't really like checking the turn. It's fancy play syndrome. If villain has a flush draw, he's not putting in anything on the river. Get his money NOW. Please don't slowplay. It makes my eyes bleed.

    I also don't understand why you left 24c in your stack. If villain is calling $1.71, he's calling $1.95. That's 12bb of profit you missed out on.
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      No stats on villain Arty i stopped playing standard tables now theres to much money to earn at zoom, i thought shoving all in looks to strong so i thought i would just do a nice size raise ive got a few people calling me like this with K high lol obviously this isnt a play i do alot but i was hoping he had a draw and would hit the river by betting the turn again he might of folded out that draw i think im not sure.


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        Even on Zoom you should have some stats on players, unless it's the very first hand you've played with someone.

        I think you're over-thinking this. Don't be worried about "looking too strong". Villains aren't concerned with how strong you are. They are concerned with whether they have the best hand or not. If they think they have the best hand or a decent draw, they're calling. If they don't, they're not.

        If villain would fold a draw on the turn, why would he call the raise on the flop? Answer: he wouldn't. Anything that calls the flop is also calling the turn, especially if you use standard sizing, like 65% of pot.
        When you flop a big hand (2pr+), you should immediately be thinking "How do I try and get all the money in the middle?" You shouldn't be thinking "I hope he hits his draw on the river". You should be thinking "How do I maximise my profit against villain's entire range?"

        When the turn card hits, you have about £2 behind, and the pot is just over a dollar. That is to say, you have a stack that is about double the pot. You can't just ship $2 on the river if villain checks, because that will be a ridiculous overbet. On the turn, I would bet one third of my remaining stack, to get value from draws and worse aces/kings, and to set up an obvi-shove on the river. You can bet 65c on the turn, and you'll have $1.30 to jam on the end. It won't be an overbet and you are definitely getting called by Ax and maybe Kx too, as villain will be pot-committed with all made hands after calling the turn.

        Consider that villain can have a flush draw in this spot. You can get two streets of value from that, by raising the flop and betting the turn. You won't get any money on the river from a missed draw unless villain bluffs. If villain has a made hand of some sort, you can go for 3 streets of value. Take him to Valuetwon, by following the standard line. Bet every street and get your whole stack in effortlesly.

        Another reason to bet the turn is because otherwise you're giving villain a free card. There aren't many hands he can have that can suck out (stuff like AQ/AJ has 3 outs), but if you allow him to suck out for free, that's pretty much your own fault. If you charge him 65% of pot when he has 3 outs, you were getting your money in good, and he is making a mistake. As I keep reminding posters, we make money from our opponents' mistakes. If you give someone a free card, they can't make a mistake. Indeed, giving away free cards would be your mistake. I've noticed you say you get sucked out on constantly. I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's sometimes happening because you allow villains to do so. :/
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