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2NL Zoom FR: AA Fast/Slow

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  • 2NL Zoom FR: AA Fast/Slow

    Hi! I have recently started trying out zoom. Thus far with decent success. This session I had AA twice and I lost with both of them. I ask myself if the aggression I play AA is good enough. Should I play faster or more carefull? Also I am starting to range my opps. In both Hands I played the AA pretty similar, raising preflop, checking on the flop, betting Turn and River. Preflop Normal raise Postflop I checked, to not show too much aggression, as I am sure anyway after so much agression preflop one of them is going to bet anyway (otherwise I would think about betting for protection against a flush). Maybe I should have check-raised there? As my opps should have something like AK, JJ+ (maybe TT+ or AJ). AJ would bet here for sure, AQ and TT would probably Fold against a reraise. QQ+ Would pay me and with one of my opps having JJ I would loose. Expected reaction of my Opponent to a reraise (AQ), (TT) --------------- Fold ------------- win small (AJ), AK, QQ, KK ------- Call/raise ----- win big JJ ---------------------- Call/raise --------- loose everything Turn The K is a terrible card for me. It scares of QQ and AJ and KK is now ahead of me. I have to do a bet, that does NOT make QQ and AJ to fold. The Pot is 2.77$ and the effective stack is 1.67$. The chance AJ and QQ call a 0.50$ committing raise I estimated pretty big. I planned on getting it all in on the river. I had to call his reraise all in. Thank you, Jonas
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    I'm really not keen on checking the flop. Not only does slowplaying often miss value, it also leads to much tougher decisions on later streets, and can lead to you being bluffed off your hand.
    I much prefer the straightforward approach. Define your hand with a decent bet, so you get value, and so that villains are unlikely to bluff. If you bet and get raised, then you can be fairly sure you're behind. If you check and a villain bets, you have no idea where you're at.
    Your line really confuses me, because I don't know if villain has KK, KJ, JJ or a hand you're beating like AK/AJ/QQ.
    I'm not sure why you are leading out on the turn after cold-calling on the flop. Is this a "probe bet"; an attempt to get some information? I don't like betting for information. Info is a side-effect of betting, not the main purpose. You should be betting for value or as a bluff. (And you should never be bluffing in this spot, because you have no fold equity, given the action on the flop).
    As played, you bet small on the turn. Are you really stacking off if you get raised? What hands do you expect to stack off on this turn card that you beat? I think you're value-owning yourself by bet-calling here, because I can't see villain getting it in with AJ/QQ.

    If you keep finding yourself in tricky spots like this, it's probably because you're suffering from "fancy play syndrome". There's really no need to get tricky at 2NL. Just bet when you think you're ahead, and be inclined to fold one pair hands if you get raised, especially on the turn, because turn raises tend to mean "I can beat TPTK/overpair".
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