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ZOOM 100/200 No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, Semi-bluff Turn or call?

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  • ZOOM 100/200 No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, Semi-bluff Turn or call?

    ZOOM 100/200 No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, Semi-bluff Turn or call? The top level ZOOM Play Money, seems to play like the micro 'Cash' games. I had to edit a 6-MAX table, because HEM doesn't work with ZOOM Play Money. I also 'Boomed' this hand ( ). Reads (notes): - I take notes on the fly, as well as using an expanded color coding system - Player 4 open/limp's a lot, and will either fold to a PF raise, or call, and play fit or fold; seems to be a Passive BINGO player. No other reads. PF: I want to see a flop with this hand (I limp behind) and depending on the size of any possible PF raise, may call. I don't want to PF raise myself, because I'll have to fold to a 3-bet. The BB raises 4X, and with my relative position, as well as other players in the pot, I feel this is a good spot to play a spec hand. I close the betting with a call. FLOP: The FLOP hits us with a double gutter, and a backdoor nut flush draw. The c-bet is POT sized. Playing an unknown villain, I'm not really sure what this means, but I assume it is for value, because he's betting into a 4-way table. I feel I have a lot of TURN cards (9's;K's;A's;clubs), that may let me continue in this hand. By making this call the effective stack will be 1 1/2 the size of the pot, which is kind of scary for me. I will need to reevaluate after the TURN, but my initial plan is to be aggressive if a club shows up on the TURN. TURN: The TURN gives me even more outs, which now includes the nut flush draw. The villains' small bet looks weak. I think he would bet bigger with straights, and sets, to NOT give me express odds for a lot of my potential hands; over pairs may pot control. I think he is giving up on the pot. Maybe he's only playing his hand, and doesn't think about odds, if so it looks like a blocker/feeler bet; maybe it's an I don't know what to do bet. I don't see this as a 'leatherass' bet (board is too dangerous). There are 18 cards in the deck (less some he may hold) that will improve my hand; 11 of which will give me a 'nut' hand (not counting the 8c, which may (unlikely) boat the villain). I feel my best play is to stick with my plan (aggressive on a TURNed club) and put him all-in (a little over a pot bet) for max fold equity. I'm happy to take down this huge pot without a showdown. If villain does call me, I'll be a 'dog'. But considering the overlay already in the pot, and the huge fold equity, I feel I have, it makes this a big +EV play. What are your thoughts? I'll post the complete hand Monday.
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    Definitely pushing here too.

    If it is similar to the micro cash games though you will find a lot of villains make this sort of small bet to induce action when they have it. He could have the straight and then he is not folding but we have enough outs to outdraw him which make the raise all in plus EV in my opinion.




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      Hi king_spadez,

      I have no experience in 100-200 play chip games, but will approach my thoughts on the basis of your read that they play like microstakes so will answer as though it's 2nl.

      I would prefer to raise the limpers in position with ATs, which is the probable best hand and can benefit from both isolation and initiative. Without reads, I would typically raise here regardless of stakes. Not saying calling is terrible or anything, we can play ATs profitably multi-way, but I think it's even more profitable to increase the stakes and seize the intiative when we have postion and the best hand. I don't mind getting 3b... micro stakes players who aren't wild generally have a big hand when they 3b so I'm good with folding if that comes.

      Flop call is fine. Turn play depends on how we evaluate fold equity. If we think the villain will fold a lot for whatever reason, then shoving to leverage that FE + have the hand equity as a back up plan when called is +EV. If they won't fold, then shoving is a pretty big spew as we're taking what would be a very profitable call to draw and turning into stacking off bad.

      Tough to range him here, on the flop you thought strong, now on the turn weak, when the turn card changes nothing in his range.

      Obviously if he's got a straight we are crushed and it's a super bad stack off, but he doesn't need a straight to call a shove, he may well have KQ+ as this hand has played out and he's not folding any of those 1 pair hands even. About the only thing he's folding is AK imo. So over all I don't think the shove is good here, I'd prefer to take the fantastic price he's given us to draw to the river. Also of note is our positional advantage, if this action truly means "weak", he may check to us on the river and fold to a bet, so we could still pick this put up with a river bluff some of the time when he simply gives up.
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