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  • A6

    Dont no what this guy was trying to do but i just knew he was full of it lol

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    Any reads/stats?
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      No its zoom but its not that often people make a flush on the turn and river and he bet a 3rd of a pot on the J to see how strong my hand was when i called he knew i had a 9 at best then he saw the flush as a way to get me off a 9 but i had the 6 and took him down, if i had a 9 or j i would of folded in case he had a stronger kicker but theres noway would he donk the turn after i bet the flop with a heart draw because for or he knows i could of raised 3x.

      I would of had a good run today if my aces never got cracked and my pocket 8s set got rivered then my kings full of aces got cracked by the better full house, was annoying because i earnt alot tonight, im leaking money set mining i had 10s 7 times and not hit once oh well i spose break even for the night is better than nothing i went from $12 up to $5 down to like 10c up i hate coolers wouldnt be so bad if i was $5 up but no im break even after out playing everyone i came across tonight oh well theres always tomorrow


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        Flop is standard. I'm probably slowing down a little on the turn, because a pair of 6s is rarely winning at this point. A villain in the blinds often has a stubborn pocket pair. You can barrel him off something like 77/55 if you want to try. When he donks really small on the turn, it's really hard to put him on a hand. I'd still be inclined to put him on 77 or something of that strength, and I think I'd raise right there to get him off it, because it looks it's a blocking bet being used to buy a cheap showdown. He can also have picked up a random flush draw.
        I really hate the river card, because I think he has the flush quite often. The massive overbet looks incredibly bluffy, but the only missed draws are stuff like KQ/QT. I think it's a polarized bet. Villain has the nuts or total air. It doesn't even matter that you made trips. You're crushed by a flush/boat, but you're way ahead of king/queen high. I'd really need a read/stats to make this hero call. I can make it quite easily when I have history on a player, but on zoom with no stats or reads, I'd fold. It's just too big a bet to take a guess. With a bet of this size, you have to be correct incredibly often. Get it right, and it's a huge boost to your bankroll. Get it wrong, and that's 2000 more hands you have to play to recoup the losses.
        So readless, my play is to fold. Overbet shoves on the river usually represent the nuts. If you make a habit of calling in spots like this, you'll get stacked frequently.
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          Yh it was a risky play but the way he played it made no sense to me at 2nl yeah but the players are alot better at 5nl i think i would make a profit if i had the exact same hand every time where i made trips even with the flush there because i never see anyone make the flush on the turn and river very often.

          The way i looked at that hand then was from his angle he calls my cbet because like alot of players at 5nl they cant fold cbets on those flops they try and float you to often, so when he saw that J he made a 3rd pot bet to test the strength of my hand yeah he might of just made a heart flush draw and i actually like your line better of raising him there and then so il keep that in mind next time but then he ships the river that just made a flush possible so he just watched me cbet a flop and call a turn of a 3rd pot so he knows my hand was weak on the turn so why would he go all in if he had the flush he would half pot bet at the max to get a call not go all in thats a bluff all day long and he was not a station because he donked the turn.


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            Watching that hand agin i just noticed when he donked the turn he had outs to a straight so maybe he was betting as a blocker more than for information on the strength of my hand, yh i definitely should be raising the turn there and then in future.


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              Small donk bets tend to indicate weak one pair hands, or draws.

              Large donk bets tend to indicate the nuts, or a draw that missed (a bluff).

              That information is all I need to devise a plan, which would be to raise for value when he's on a weak pair/draw, and to fold when the most obvious draw comes in. If the flush hadn't hit, then I'd be more likely to hero-call, but notes are very useful in this spot. Some villains will never bluff with missed draws (their shoves are the nuts). Others always do.
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