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    I cant believe people are falling for this im making a killing at 2nl at the moment 689 hands 16.42 bb/100

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    As I wrote in my blog the other day, you can definitely squeak out a bit more value pre-flop with your monster hands by making over-sized raises, and this can carry forward to the flop, where the pot is already larger than usual, enabling you to make bigger c-bets for value.
    This hand is a little weird, because villain limp-calls pre-flop, then donks quite big on this fairly wet flop. I think 9x is his most likely holding, but he can also bet here with 88/77, expecting you to fold AK. The worst nightmare is if he flopped a boat with 99 and choose to fast play it, because he puts you on an overpair. I'm not sure I like raising the flop. You'll often be value-cutting yourself, but I guess you can get value from flush draws and 9x. The turn is pretty ugly, because 88 got there. Villain can also have 98, but you have a better two pairs, so that's not a problem. The fairly small redonk would lead me to think he just has a 9. I guess T9s is his most likely holding. He probably thinks he's betting for value, when it should be obvious you have him beat. Since he's shown no sign of being a hand-reading reg (his line is so weird), I think you can commit to stacking off, so your raise is OK.
    The river is another terrible card, because 7x sucked out a straight, but the pot is so large, that I think getting it in is standard. The 2c mindonk might be a "sucker bet" with the virtual nuts, but you're never folding, so trying to get the rest of his stack is good.
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