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TT MP 5NL Zoom - Value own myself again

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  • TT MP 5NL Zoom - Value own myself again

    Villain is 15/13. Fairly TAG stats. Starting in reverse - the river play by me is horrible. I absolutely hate how I played it. Not sure what in the name of good **** I was thinking. I dont like asking a question like this in the hand analysis forum because it probably looks at the hand from a result oriented position, but, how could I have played this better. Being out of position should I have led the flop with an overcard out there? Fold to a raise? Should I have bet the turn bigger? To discourage/charge a drawing hand. Fold to a raise again? I should have bet/call the river rather than re-raising and took the showdown value I had. Or should it have been bet/fold?

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    This is one of the driest flops imaginable. There are no good draws, so villain is probably only calling with sets, Qx and occasionally underpairs. I'm betting the flop, not because I expect to get called by worse very often, but because I want to villain to fold out all hands that have equity against my hand. I'd generally give up on the turn if the flop bet is called and the turn is another overcard. I'm also insta-mucking if the flop c-bet gets raised, even though this is a good board to bluff-raise.
    When you go for the delayed c-bet on this board, you're not really betting for value, as the only worse hands that call are AK, KT, T9 (and the latter two combos are unlikely since you have two tens in your hand), but it's not a great spot for a bluff, because no better hands are ever folding.
    On the river, you finally can bet for value, because Qx, Jx and two pairs are definitely calling, but when you get raised, villain can definitely have the nuts. I'd just call his raise, because he might be overvaluing Qx, but he's not going to stack off with that if you 3-bet.
    So in answer to your final question: Bet-call is my line.

    In future, try and have a plan for your hand. When I flop an underpair on a dry board, my plan is usually to bet the flop, but shut down if I get action. I'll try and get to showdown, perhaps check-calling the turn or river, but I won't be putting money in the pot on all three streets unless I make a set and no obvious draws complete.
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