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Blinds vs Blinds

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  • Blinds vs Blinds

    Hi, Due the fact I get in battles sometimes in the late positions. Any remark on steal vs resteal. Oke actually this isn't a real steal this time I had a legit hand I think I am not folding 88 PRE in mostly any positions, yeah sometimes in EP but that is rare. The villain I had about 80 hands on (not worth to mention this is zoom) 30/22/2 and 9.1 3bet. I did not had stats that he has ever tried a resteal from me. I did get raised to 5x. So what can that mean? First he never seemed to resteal from me, but he can be aware that I could be stealing. With a resteal vs my 88 I would not flat because that might look weak and not sure what to do on the flop as I'm first to act and pocket 8's don't play that well I feel. It it normally good to do a reresteal? and are the bet sizing's a bit in line? Ferdy
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    Hi ferd,

    It's close either way with 88 in the SB imo. We can't really set mine profitably here as his range is too wide, he's clearly an aggressive 3-bettor at 9.1% over all, so blind v blind I'd expect this to be very wide (way more than 9.1% obv). Which means if we call we have to win sometimes without a set to make it profitable. Out of position vs. a wide range this involves a lot of check/calling post flop, which a lot of players aren't comfortable with and can be tricky unless you have exploitable post flop reads. I'd rather go this route in position more often where we can float, raise scare cards, etc.

    4-betting is probably better here OOP. The downside is we have to fold to a 5b and perhaps loose a chance to stack a big pair by flopping a set, but again his range is so wide here there are very few big pairs in it to begin with. And 4-betting punishes him for 3-betting too light, and discourages him from playing back at your steal raises as well. Your sizing is really big, I would generally be 4-betting to about 1.20-1.30 here.
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      Hi Dave!

      Indeed I did not want to play him OOP with my 88's and due the fact I think he might wanna say "u don't raise me do u?" I hoped he fold to a 4bet. I was not planned to call a 5bet and put more money in the pot.
      The worst possible thing for me might be he calls my raise then I might indeed be very uncomfortable as u say
      Will do 4bet less in future to minimize loss.

      Had to put in about same where the villain indeed called my 3bet and where I'm sort of stuck OOP. might post it even.

      Thanks again.
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