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NLHE:0.05 LH AJ, flopped 9J4, how badly did I do?

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  • NLHE:0.05 LH AJ, flopped 9J4, how badly did I do?

    Firstly, please don't laugh at my pathetically low limit. This was near the start of my session so, I had no reads on the rogue. Obviously, I didn't do very well on this hand. What should I have done and why? At which point should I have quit? Was it a big mistake or a small one? Thanks
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    Hi Chip,

    Your open bet sizing is large (4x the big blind) so I would give the villain's re-raise from out of position a lot more credit. While we have no reads, so we can never be truly sure, the majority of players at full ring microstakes are not 3-betting light anyway, and here we have a 3b from out of position vs. a large open raise... all indications are this is a legit strong hand. Since every single hand in that category is ahead of AJ, I would fold directly to this raise preflop.

    On the flop I would call. We can be ahead now (beating AK/TT) and we have outs to improve when not ahead, an A or J may do it and we have back door nut clubs. Raising here is not the best move as we will fold out hands we are beating (crushing actually, like AK and TT) and get continued action only when we are beat.

    When he re-raises your flop raise, this is the time to fold if we haven't prior. Every single action villain has taken indicates we are beat, there's no reason to doubt he's got QQ, KK, or AA.

    So yes, I think you made some big mistakes here, largely due to not ranging your opponent which led you to get too attached to your hand strength (one which may be very strong in some situations, but in this situation vs. this villains range is actually very weak). This is the area I'd recommend working on, ranging and evaluating your hand strength vs. that range.
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      Thank you so much for your reply. I knew I'd played badly but I couldn't really see where to improve and your comment definitely helped. It's so clear now!



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