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10NL 6max Zoom, extracting value with bottom set deep stacked

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom, extracting value with bottom set deep stacked

    Hello, Villain is basically an unknown but from the small sample I have on him he seems to have reggish stats: 22/16 over 32 hands (he was playing 3 tables) I have been struggling a bit with my deep stacked game lately and need help with extracting the most value with my strong hands. In this spot we flop a bottom set on a dry board and are facing a PSB followed by a 50% turn barrel. My default line in these situations is to just raise OTT and hope to get as much money in as possible by the river. However, since we are that deep and the board is very hard to hit for a preflop raiser I am not entirely sure if this line is best for extracting the most value. His pot sized cbet followed by a 50% turn bet does not scream of huge strength so by making my raise this big I think I allowed him to fold out a big chunk of his value range which is very disappointing Would you have chosen a different line against the villain? As played, how big should the turn raise be playing 215BB deep? Thank you so much for your analysis, it's been of a great help umbup: Tommy

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    Hi Tommy,

    Raises are easier to call the smaller they are, so the best time to start building the pot is directly on the flop as the pot size and relative bet/raise sizes will be smaller now than through out the rest of the hand.

    If you don't need more than 3 streets of betting to get stacks in, or if the villain's range is very weak over all, then flatting the flop is preferable. Since we are deep, and villain is repping strength with a full pot sized c-bet, I'd go ahead and raise him right here... something in the 1.90-2.20 range seems nice. We want to give him what he thinks is a fair price to peel once with AK, and also room to reraise AT+ if he thinks we are just "seeing where we're at" or testing him.

    Agree on turn raise sizing being pretty large... I'd go about 2.75 here as played. Raising the turn looks so much stronger than raising the flop, but we have got to try building the pot at some point so if we didn't raise the flop I do agree with raising on the turn.
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