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25NL 6-Max Folding? (II)

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  • 25NL 6-Max Folding? (II)

    V5's 35/22, AF: 3.0 over 121 hands. 3bet: 2%(45), Flop FCB: 17%(6), Turn FCB: 0%(1) He was 3 tabling, had less than 50 hands at that point of this hand. But had noted that once, he opened J7o at BTN, got raised, and 4bet all-in against shorty who had effective stack of 19bb. When he shoved the River, he's repping J8 or flopped flush. But it didn't really make sense how he'll slowplay 2 streets of flopped flush, not afraid of getting drawn out. Also, J8 wouldn't have just flat the turn raise. Check-raising River is a definitely a very strong line, based on limited reads, should we fold this??

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    To me it looks like a clear fold and probably a flopped flush,maybe J8 or KJ, the KJ being unlikely with his stats? I think you are value owning yourself on the river by betting, you will only get called or raised by better in most cases although I suppose turning a set into a bluff here is feasible. If I have the bottom end of a straight on a board such as this I am rarely value betting unless I have a read that the opponent will call with worse.




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      Hey NW,

      calling an overbet OTR without the nuts is always tricky and folding cant be too bad when you are far away from them in relative terms to the board/betsize. I would make it heavily dependant on your reads/impression of this guy. Since you have seen him do something very spewy before I think that could be your tiebreaker. The river Q did not change anything and if you believed to be ahead OTT you could easily hope he busted out on the NFD.

      Btw, I would usually cbet this flop and sometimes even just call turn if I am not happy about getting 3bet or called by any of the villains.
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        Agree with what you guys said. Guess it's better to be conservative on a monotonous Flop. Playing the 4th nut's tough wasn't easy haha. I called, and he had Td6d FTW. Just couldn't figure why he slowplayed Flop and Turn.



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