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  • JJ

    How do i get away from this hand? When he bet the flop i was thinking maybe hes just c betting so i call to see what he does on the turn but when he bets again i just cant see him having a ten from UTG so i put him on an overpair and called him down to see if my read was right. I guess sometimes they will show up with a 10 but not very often when they opened UTG, im just wondering would any of you better players get away from this on the turn because 30c i payed on the turn and the river is alot of money at 2nl to giveaway it might take me 2 big hands to get that money back. So could any of you fold the turn with the next best over pair i guess when you look at the hand theres only a few hands he could have AT (unlikely) TT JJ QQ KK AA, i dont think hes gonna barrel with AK so considering my hand only beats AT and the other JJ which is unlikely as well this is a no brainer of a fold? These are the sort of places that peel that $1 you just made stealing and reading hands and repping better then you get these sort of hands and lose all that progress and have to start again un till eventually you get a real hand and triple up but if i can drop these hands sooner i can save money actually i could of saved $3 of it had i got away quicker with these type of hands.

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    Did you have any stats/reads on this villain? I can easily fold the turn in full ring games, especially if I have a read/stats on villain, but at 6max - where ranges are somewhat wider - it would be somewhat harder. The half-pot sizing on every street is interesting. I'd typically expect villain to have AT/KT here, as most players would bet a little more with monster overpairs. Being the worst overpair on this board, JJ is only a shade better than AT (the next worse hand). There are about the same number of combos of TT and JJ+ and as there are of AT/KT, so on the turn you're basically flipping against villain's range. Board: ---- Equity Win Tie Hero 49.41% 48.33% 1.09% { JJ } Vill 50.59% 49.50% 1.09% { TT+, ATs, KTs, ATo, KTo } If the river is a blank, I guess you're winning the pot half the time and losing it the other half, so in the long run you lose a few cents to rake. Another way to play this hand is to 3-bet pre-flop. In FR games, I'm usually flatting JJ vs an UTG open, but in 6-max, I think it's more standard to 3-bet JJ for value and to take the initiative, especially when you're out of position in the blinds. If villain 4-bets, you can sometimes get away from the hand pre-flop, especially when you're 150bb deep. Again, reads/stats are important. Some 2NL 6-max players are super aggro and will stack off with much worse than JJ. Other guys are way too nitty and will only get it in with KK+.
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      I got no reads unfortunately it was a zoom game and yeah im thinking the same as you if it was a full ring game im giving him respect for his hand opening UTG and sometimes i 3bet JJ and fold a 4bet but i decided to flat and see if i flop a set then i would of came out betting.

      As it happened i flopped an over pair and decided il call a cbet but when he fired the turn as well this is where i got a leak because i got 3 choices fold call or raise, if i raise his 30c 3x and he did have an over pair im losing money but if i raise and he has AT i think they might fold so i just flat called, yh this is a tricky spot i think i il have to be more disciplined and look for a set and fold the over pair they cost me to much money.

      If i opened JJ UTG and he was on the button he would raise me 3x and i would have the same problem again because i would call a cbet and he would keep firing his KK over pair but would they keep firing AK because i raise AK 3x if someone opens say mid position but i wont cbet the turn if i get called il just check behind them.

      Yh im just gonna fold them i would rather lose 30c getting bluffed than 60c to see he has KK i think il call the QQ but JJ on a T high dry flop is a insta turn fold i think.



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