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  • JT

    Would you say i got max value here i decided to defend the best seat with JT and flop an OESD his c bet looked strong but i figured he knows that on this wet board he should bet 2/3rd of the pot then he makes a quarter pot bet on the turn i know now for sure he has a pair at best but i decided against raising 3x and just min raising so he thinks im trying to get him to fold better hands. I figure with his stack size and that weak bet he aint a complete fish and a 3x raise is gonna fold out those 1 pair hands which was why when he checked the river i waited 10 secs and bet a tiny bet hoping he will look me up. He had QJ spades by the way i could of got myself into trouble if he had a flush draw and hit but i would have know by a raise on my value bet if it was there and i think il make more money in these types of spots when they start betting that weak by not making them fold? Its not like il be pricing them in to out draw me all the time or do you think i should just keep to the standard betting?
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    I think it's marginal to call otb with JTo, unless you're pretty sure one of the blinds will also call, so that a big pot develops.
    To me, the stack size and the weak bet is pretty fishy. How many decent regs do you know that bet 1/4 of pot on the turn on wet baords? :/

    I don't like your minraise on the turn and I don't like the small river bet when you have the nuts. On the turn, villain might only have a pair, or he might have a flush draw. Your minraise means he's getting a great price to hit a flush. Let villain make a BIG mistake, by makng a BIG bet. Don't be too worried about him folding one pair here. I can't see him folding a king if you 3x it on the turn, and I also think he'll call half pot on the river with Kx. Since he has a big stack, he's probably more likely to call a raise, because he can "afford" it. If he was just stabbing with something like AJ, or a heart draw, he's not calling any bet on the river, so get your fat value on the turn.
    Seriously, stop trying to be fancy. You turned the nuts, so bet like you have the nuts. There are enough terrible players at 2NL that will pay you off with junk here. I was in a similar spot yesterday, turning the nut straight. Villain donked about half pot with a flush draw, and I made a pot-sized raise for value, which he called. The PSR set up an obvi-shove on the river, which villain folded to, while showing his missed flush draw. Minraising and betting small is fancy play syndrome. It misses value in the long run and makes you vulnerable to cheap suckouts. In short, stop doing it!
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      Ok lol its just ive had a few decent hands today that are not getting payed off so i thought id try and look like im a bad bluffer, yh i spose i would of been moaning had he actually had a flush draw that hit.


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        Is this better lol i could of got an extra 30c but i wanted both of them in the pot.


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          Yes, that's much better. You flop the best overpair, and although it's multiway (so you're more vulnerable to random two pairs and draws) you should just keep betting until a villain raises you. Obviously you're never folding on the river with your full house, and villain is not folding his either. (His cards don't show, but I presume the river caller had Tx). I'd even consider overbet jamming the river. It's highly unlikely villain has a deuce, and the Zeebo theorem applies. That is "no one folds a full house". One villain has $1.57 behind and the other is deep. I'd try and get all of villain 6's stack, because if he's willing to call $1.25, he's also calling $1.57. I might even just ship the whole $2.14. One of these guys probably has QJ and won't be calling, but whoever has a T (or any pair, really) will call the overbet.
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