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10NL 6max Zoom, bluff catching on a wet board

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom, bluff catching on a wet board

    Villain in the hand is a reg playing 22/14 with a very low fold to cbet - 14% I know that in general, bluff catching at these stakes is not a very profitable play but every now and then a situation comes up where it feels like it might actually be. Do you think this is a good spot to bluff catch? The river bet on that board looks like he must have a straight. I believe that a rivered flush would go for a bigger bet while any set or 2 pair should not bet at all or make a blocker bet of some kind (but we cannot be sure since we do not have that read on our villain). It looks like his value betting range should be very narrow making it more likely he is bluffing more than 30% in this spot (since he floats so often OTF and should therefore get to the river with more air hands)? Thanks, Tommy

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    Considering your reads it seems like a decent spot to bluff-catch. You are telling villain your uncomfortable with the board and don't want more money going into the pot. Villain may have decided you are have air like two overs and have given up.

    I feel like while it is a decent bluff catching spot, it is kind a bit of a bad spot to be in generally speaking. You could have made things much easier on yourself by barreling the turn when you picked up and open-ended straight draw. It will make your decision making easier unless he calls then donks out on the river. Usually if he calls he will check to you on the river and you can check behind with showdown value. If he does call and donk out it will be more likely he has a hand now so your decision won't require so much guesswork.


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      Hi Tommy,

      This is fine to bluff catch actually, given how the hand has played a villain reading us will put us on missed high cards and may bluff busted diamonds or even bet 1 pair hoping to get called by ace high.

      I don't think continuation betting this board is very good though, it doesn't hit our range at all and can hit his, plus he's very sticky vs. c-bets anyway so he probably needs a scary board to be shaken off, or we just straight value bet him. A8 is too think and with no back door diamonds we have little room for improvement. And as played, I would fire the 2nd shell on turn when we catch one of the few cards that actually does improve our equity. But against a guy like this it's a nice spot check back the flop imo, make a delayed c-bet if he checks twice, or call a turn bet if he fires turn, and decide on the river.

      Vs. a sticky c-bet defender like this, c-bet when the board is good for our preflop raising range and/or bad for his preflop defending range, when we will turn a lot of good barreling cards, or for pure value when we've got the goods... otherwise consider checking back sometimes.
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