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5NL 6max Zoom, multiway pot OOP

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  • 5NL 6max Zoom, multiway pot OOP

    Hello everyone Villain 4 and villain 5 are unknown, button is a regular (4 tables) playing 22/16 2.0 aggr - my read on him (and the reason why i am posting this hand) is that he almost always bets 50% when you check into him IP. I am not really sure if this applies to multiway pots as well but he does this with a very high frequency heads up. I have 2 problems with this hand 1: If we decide to call one of the other villains might call as well and it would be super difficult to get our hand to showdown and still have a reasonable chance to win 2: Our hand rates to have at least 60%+ equity against the button and with such equity I really do not like to push the fold button So what do you think is the best line to take? Just play it safe and fold? Call and hope for the best? Raise and take our chances to win the pot right away if we have the best hand? Thank you Tommy

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    Hi Tommy,

    I think folding is fine. A solid TAG is going to bet a lot IP when checked to HU, but 4 way is a different story and it sounds like you're not sure if he recognizes this or not.

    Your point #2 I don't agree with... our hand does not have 60%+ equity against the button. It may have against his preflop calling range, but we can't define it against his flop betting range in this situation as you've already noted. It's possible he bets anything and it's possible he only bets a Q or better multi-way. Probably the truth is somewhere in between.

    I don't really like calling, as we have little chance to improve and a call may bring others as well, and some of his stabbing range will be stuff like AJ which has 6 outs to beat us plus can barrel us off on a K turn. If you think he's stabbing wide regardless of it being multi-way then I'd like a raise to about .65c and just give up to further action... if not, or not sure, then just folding is fine.
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