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25NL 6-Max Bad Play?

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  • 25NL 6-Max Bad Play?

    This hand's been bothering me the past few days. Wondering if I played it right... Villain's a reg 31/23 AF:4.0 over 847 hands. CO Stl: 27%, F3B: 29%(47), 3Bet: 12.3%, Flop FCB: 40%(43), Flop FCB(3B): 40%(10), Turn FCB: 38%(8), Turn BVMCB IP: 60%(10) Previously seen him going all in with JJ and AQo. Called off open shove with AJo. But didn't note down the stack size. Once he called my 4bet with 95s, flop raise all in as double belly, won my overpair QQ. I feel that his calling 3bet range is wide. He can have a Q, PPs to call the Flop bet. Thus I decided to check/call OTT with the overpair + flush draw. But he checked back. OTR went for the bet-fold line. He could have Kx which floated, that will give us more value. Or is it too thin? Did I play the Turn and River correctly? I think a turned flush would have bet OTT to prevent us from hitting our nut flush. Maybe he slowplayed it, or could be shipping a Qx? What do you think he held?
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    Hi TANW,

    I like how you played it on the flop and turn.

    Given how aggro his AF is I would check/call the river here, give him a chance to bluff. I doubt we are getting called by 3rd pair as our line when we bet the river here looks a lot like AK.

    As played I think bet/fold is fine, although I'm not excited about it as we can sometimes be getting moved off our hand as it seems from his perspective (assuming he's ranging us) that most of our range can't call or has a super difficult call save for KK, QQ, or 88. He could have a number of legitimate shove for value hands here, including flushes, KQ, 88, 44, and even Qx as aggro as he is.
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      Yup was considering a check/call line OTR. We bet-folded as he's got at least trips there.



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