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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AQs

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AQs

    Hi, Please could you analyse my hand below. I need to concentrate more and become more quicker at analysing the flop, etc; I guess that will come with experience. Thank you for all your help! Pullin1988

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    Hi Pullin!
    There's a lot of pre-flop action in this hand, with a minraise UTG, a 3-bet and a call. I'm pretty sure you don't have the best hand at this point (the 3-bet by Villain 2 represents AK/QQ+) but since the raise was small, this pot is multiway, and you have the button (so will be in position post-flop), I think calling is OK. My plan here would be to try and make two pairs or better, but I think I'd rather flop the nut flush draw than a pair. (If I hit an ace or a queen, I'd probably call on the flop, but would get out of the way if a villain also bets the turn, as his range for barrelling would have you beat).
    As played, you call and see a ragged T64 flop 4-handed. You completely missed this flop. You have no pair and no draw. You should be folding to any bet here. Villain 2 (who made the pre-flop 3-bet) bets about 2/3 of pot. I think he has JJ at worst and he wants to take you to valuetown. Calling when you have almost no equity is just throwing away your money. Villain shoves the blank turn, so it's obvious he has an overpair and wants to get maximum value for it. You folded here, but a street to late.

    You definitely need to analyse the flop to see how you connect with it, but also try and think about the range of hands that your opponents have. If someone is raising or reraising pre-flop, then they usually have big pairs and big aces. When they bet into several players on ragged flops like this, they have an overpair almost always, so watch out for that.

    Hope this helps!
    Bracelet Winner



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