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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game TcTs

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game TcTs

    Hi all, I hope all is well. Please could you analyse my hand below. Thank you for all your help

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    Pre-flop is fine. You're called by the small blind, and his range could include a wide range of hands, including pocket pairs and suited connectors. (In the small blind, you should call with a very narrow range, because playing out of position is really tough, but at 2NL at lot of players make the mistake of calling with relative junk because "I was getting a good price").

    The flop comes 887 with a flush draw, so you have an overpair. Strangely, villain leads out with a donkbet. Most of the time he'll have one pair or a draw. Although this is a paired board, it's still pretty drawy. Hands like T9 and 65 have open-ended straight draws, and any two spades have a flush draw. I think most 2NL players would slowplay trips in this spot, so I'd put villain on a random 8, pocket 9s or an underpair, or a draw. I'm definitely calling on the flop, because you're beating all those hands.
    The turn 9 makes this board very wet. A flush is now possible, and 65 just made a straight. Villain can also have two pairs with a hand like 98, but you're beating that with tens and sevens. This turn card actually gives you an open-ended straight flush draw. I wouldn't be too excited about another spade hitting the board (unless it's the Js or 6s!), because a ten-high flush is crushed by higher flushes, but if you're losing at the moment (to trips), a jack or 6 will likely give you a winning straight. Villain bets about 1/3 of pot on the turn. Unless villain is making a "sucker bet" with a monster hand, I think he's genuinely weak here, most likely with just one pair, and he's worried about you having a straight or flush. With your overpair plus combo S/F draw, calling is fine.
    The river J is a great card for you, as you made a straight. It's very unlikely that villain has the same or better straight, because you've got 2 of the tens. When villain checks the river, he almost never has a strong hand, as he'd certainly bet all his flushes, straights, trips and boats. Since your straight is likely to be best, you should bet for value, hoping villain will make a crying call with his one pair/two pair hands. I'd go with a bet of just under half pot, as I think it would be called fairly often, as 2NL villains love trying to catch you bluffing. (But you're clearly not bluffing here).

    You missed a bit of value by not betting this river. It turns out villain was very weak all along. At no stage did he have the best hand, so his small bets were indeed indicative of a weak hand. Make sure you take notes on things like this. If you see this guy bet bigger next time, he's likely to have much better than a pair of 8s.
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