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5NL 6-Max Zoom: Line check

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  • 5NL 6-Max Zoom: Line check

    5NL 6-Max Zoom. The villain was a calling station running 30/11 over the 21 hands I hand on him. He hadn't bet or raised any hands postflop. I had tptk, but the turn seemed very likely to help him more than me. I checked to see what he would do and when he lead out with a solid bet, I assumed he had two pair or a straight. Is this reasonable, or should I have done something different? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    im not a 6 max player but i would defenitly call his bet on the turn he can have allot of hands that you are beating. i think any king would contineu and probably hands like qj j-10 you might be right but i wouldnt be able to fold here
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      Stations dont bluff hes easily got 2 pair plus here, if you checked that to me i would bet sometimes there to get you off TPTK but noway will a station be thinking like that


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        Since villain is stationy and you're out of position, I think the best line to take is to bet half pot on the turn and fold to a raise. If this villain is incapable of raising 2pr+ and just calls, then I'd make a small blocking bet on the river to get to get a cheap showdown. By checking, you allow him to bet with worse kings, and I'd feel sick if I check-folded here and villain showed K9. Against a tighter player, you're only beating KJ, and you'd be running into two pairs or a set quite often, but a villain playing 30% of hands has got stuff like K7s and K8o in this range. I think he's always betting these worse top pairs when you check to him. (He's not bet or raised post-flop previous to this hand, but a 21-hand sample is a pretty meaningless, as he's only seen 7 flops at maximum).

        My default line against stations is to treat TPTK as the effective nuts until villain gives you reason to believe that it's not. I don't like check-calling the turn, because then you're check-guessing the river. If you'd been in position, then I don't mind checking behind on the turn for pot-control, but OOP I prefer betting.
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          Betting again on the turn would be better in my opinion. Maybe slightly more than half pot, nothing too crazy. Ahead of hands like AQ, KJ, K9, QJ. Even when you are behind, you still have 4 outs to the nuts and an A or K may help as well. After betting the turn I would check/call river if an A or K hit, barrel again if a J hit, or check/fold anything else. I would expect a 'calling station' to check back any worse hands than yours on the river so any decent sized bet would probably mean your unimproved TPTK is no good.


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            Thanks for the input guys! I had just come off a hand where I barreled every street with tptk only to see the villain had flopped to pair. That may have marred my line here.




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