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2NL 6-max Zoom QJo

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  • 2NL 6-max Zoom QJo

    Hi, should I've folded to the turn ? One hand that made a lot of sense was JJ since the DB on the flop was small, therefore I don't think he'd do that with 33. And he could have other hands that improved on the turn like KJ. I decided to call the turn and reevaluate on the river. His bet size makes it clear that I'm beat. Any thoughts on the hand ? umbup:

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    I'm not sure why you dismiss pocket 3s. Villains typically call in the blinds with small/medium pairs, and many TAGs will donk with sets on boards that are likely to give them action. When villain donks out for about half pot, he usually has a made hand, but it can vary in strength from a monster (a set) to one pair (even an underpair). Draws are also possible, but JT is the only 8-outer on this board, and I think he'd just check-call with that. I think villain's most likely holding is Kx. I'd often give villain credit for a king and just fold on the flop. In effect, his donkbet saves you money, because you would have made a c-bet with the worst of it.
    As played, you call and turn two pairs. You're now beating Kx, but villain makes a pretty large bet here, and it sure looks like this jack either improved his hand (KJ seems likely), or doesn't scare him (he flopped a set). You have to make your decision right now. It's not a good idea to "call and re-evaluate on the river", because the river won't often change the texture of the board, and villain is likely to bet again. If you think villain just has a king, then calling the turn and river is good. If you think his range is 2pr+, then you've got to make your hero fold now.
    As played, you call on the turn, presumably because you think you have the best hand. I think that if you call OTT, you have to call OTR, because that river is a total brick. It's quite a leak to call one big bet, but fold to a second. Either make the laydown earlier, or grit your teeth and go with your hand.
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