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88 2nl

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  • 88 2nl

    Do you think my value bet on the river was to high? I wanted to get the max value out of my set and i thought that bet might get action off a jack vs this player, normally i would cbet but i was messing around with the tv and dont like cbetting when i dont do it quick enough as i think players see it as a bluff.
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    I wouldn't often be c-betting that flop and it has nothing to messing about with the TV. C-bets on two-tone Jack-high flops have the lowest success rate of all. Just about any hand you care to name connects with a JTxtt flop. Multiway, you are almost always getting called if you bet this flop, because it smashes a limper's range and it smashes a big blind calling range. Old saying in poker: "In a multiway pot, someone always has a jack".

    I think a bigger raise on the turn is called for. This board is soaking wet with draws in every direction. I'd guess that about half the deck is "bad" for you on the river, as the river will either give villain a better hand, or it will complete so many draws that he probably won't be paying you off if he just has Jx/Tx. There's 37c in the pot after villain's turn bet, so you should be raising to at least that. 40c would be my minimum size in this spot, especially given the stack sizes. If you want to get mazimum value for your hand, get it on the turn while you nearly always have the best hand. On safe rivers you can bet fairly big, but on scary ones, a smaller bet is probably better.

    The river is one of the many terrible cards that could have come. It's not as bad a red 7, but it's still pretty horrible. If villain was stabbing the turn with a 9x OESD, he just got there. I think he'd lead for value if he had the straight, so his hand is looking a lot like Jx/Tx or a busted flush draw. He might even just have a random 8. I'd probably bet smaller than you did, but for the occasions he has two pairs and makes a crying call, I think your sizing is OK. I'd just hate to get check-raised here, because villain will have a 9 almost always, so I'd bet small, and fold to a raise.

    If you want to increase your winrate, you've got to get better at hand-ranging. When you see villain make a bet or a call, try and put him on a hand/range, then choose a bet size that gets value from that range. When you have a strong hand, bet the most that you think worse hands can call.
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      I always c bet two tone boards and give up on the turn if i was betting with air but i normally take the flop with a cbet anyway i know what your saying though makes perfect sense. yeah i was well aware of all those draws but i been watching some of gareths lessens and he said just bet and fold to a raise on the river with your strong hands and it has been working so thats why i wasnt fussed about the straight that made it.


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        Heres a hand i definitely missed value on i didn't realize i was betting into a station, this is the only problem with zoom, im doing really good though made $5.40 in 300 hands.



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