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25nl reg tables. J7s vs fish.

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  • 25nl reg tables. J7s vs fish.

    The player hadn't been at the table long but had been limping a fair amount so far as well as playing passsively so I tagged him a fish. Although not the best hand J7s has a lot of potential and with position I think that it's definately worth raising as he may just fold right away. On the paired board I like to make a cheap bluff attempt to get folds from better high card hands and if he folds small PP's this is a bonus (although I think he will call). On the turn we pick up some SD value so I checked behind, I don't think we can bet for value as 66/55/33/22 will likely fold to a 2b and he doesn't have many draws in his range. When I hit the jack OTR it's an interesting spot imo due to his bet. I think calling will definately show a positive expectation as we only need 20% equity to call. However I decided to raise for value as I felt he had a lot of worse hands that would call such as AJ-JT, AT-T8. Also we have an easy decision if he 3bets us as he will have us crushed. Was I right to raise the river? Thanks Oli
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    I think as played your river raise is fine. He is telling you he has something, but is weak and he is marked as a fish so he probably likes to call too much. A good spot for value in my opinion.

    I do have some thoughts about how you played the hand though. J7s is a highly speculative hand with very little value pre-flop. It would be a lot easier to play something like J9s the way you did. Anything worse than that is a little loose in my opinion. I think you would be far better off taking the free flop with J7s.

    Also, when the flop hits T44 you do not have a whole lot of turn card that you can continue to barrel. Basically a heart, J, or potential scare cards like a Q or K. I would probably avoid barreling an A since he is probably limping with a lot of Ax. Then you need to consider that on a low paired board like that, there is very little you can represent. Due to this you can expect your c-bet to get called more often. Those two points combined make c-betting less desirable. Being in this situation after your pre-flop semi-bluff raise didn't succeed, I would just slow down and stop putting more aggressive dead money into the pot in the hopes that you can bluff your way to a win.


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      Preflop I agree with RockerguyAA, I would check behind and consider raising Pre for value with J9s maybe even J8s. Although I dont think raising Pre is to bad since we can assume that the villain plays fit or fold Postflop pretty often since he seems to be a passive fish.

      I would C-bet this flop as well. Villain is likely on a super wide range here giving his preflop line and likely to be a fit or fold player as well. Therefore a c-bet on this super dry board is instantly profitable imo and you dont need good barreling potential.

      Turn and River is played well by you as well imo.


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        Hey Croyd, I think you played the hand fine and raising river for thin value from Tx or nonbelieving weaker pairs is good against recreational players as they tend to be too curious OTR - especially after they see you checking back turn which they interpret as weakness.

        However, I would sometimes squeeze in a little third- or half-pot turnbet here as I feel we can get called by recreational players a ton here, especially in blind-on-blind spots (they even calldown with A high).
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          Originally posted by PSO-xflixx View Post
          However, I would sometimes squeeze in a little third- or half-pot turnbet here as I feel we can get called by recreational players a ton here, especially in blind-on-blind spots (they even calldown with A high).
          So is c-betting flop still a good idea if we think villain could be calling down with A high? I do like c-betting more when in position, but there are so few good turn cards that increase Croyd's hand/fold equity.


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            I think if we raise pre, we should be c-betting this flop for sure imo. Although the guy may well call down with ace high, he probably has a lot of non-ace combos in his range too, many of which he'll just fold to a c-bet. If we are raising weak hands it isn't because of the power of the mighty J7, it's to take initiative for stealing now or later. Not c-betting a board that doesn't hit the villain often is contrary to that plan.
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              Thanks Dave. I'm guessing Croyd's got that down since he did in fact c-bet, but as for myself c-betting is still a major part of my game I need to work on.



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