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2NL 6-Max Zoom: Villain Ranging Question

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  • 2NL 6-Max Zoom: Villain Ranging Question

    This hand is from 2NL 6-Max Zoom. I've only played about 1K hands at 6-Max. Thus far it seems people are much looser than at full ring. I have encountered several very odd hands where I just haven't understood what the villain was thinking. Here, I felt comfortable raising each street with this hand. I thought I was going to make the trifecta! However, I had a hard time putting the villain on a range. I was half expecting to see a poorly executed slowplayed hand such as KK, AQ, but then he folded on the river. Did he think I was that aggressive with a pair of fours? Or was he holding 10J or KJ chasing a straight perhaps? Or did he just finally decide I wasn't bluffing? Any help to understand the villain's thinking would be appreciated! Thanks! Roland GTX

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    hey roland looking at that hand i would say that villain was a station they always bet 2c hoping you will just call so they can hit there draw but even if you bet into them they cant resist calling thats why you could try shipping the turn ive tried it once they called and rivered a flush but still i think its worth a try vs these types of players.


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      Hey Roland I agree that your turn sizing could have been bigger. I wouldn't mind .48. On the river I think you could have gone slightly smaller like .96. This is just the same idea as the 99 cent discount. On the turn I think we should size bigger because they will, as mentioned above, continue incorrectly with their draws given a bad price. Anyways, what should we read him for? Second pair seems inordinately likely. One main reason in this situation for that being true is the blockers you hold to top pair. Also a hand like KJ, believe it or not, is pretty likely from villain here, he has the nut draw and just doesn't want to five up on the chance to hit that T ball. Villains do this a lot -- get used to playing against them. Sometimes they will turn up with wild hands. That's one of the great things about villains at this level who play in this fashion -- the things they are capable of can vary a ton. I think especially when we see the river fold we can rule out top pair, and of course 4X. So maybe I am being a bit coloured by seeing the end result. umbup:



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