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2nl zoom TP+FD vs donkbet

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  • 2nl zoom TP+FD vs donkbet

    Hi guys, what do you think the correct line is with this one? Villain was tight 15/9 after 83 hands.

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    Hey morduk666.

    IMO, as played its a call. If your hand was the best hand OTT it is the best hand OTR. Donk betting the flop, continuing for 2/3 pot OTT and over betting the river to a ridiculous amount seems to me like a busted flush draw begging for a fold, a hand TPTK+ would have bet for value. I hope you had fun counting your chips when you made the call .

    I don't really trust zoom stats but if this guy is a NIT he could show up with AK here, unlikely though since AK when played from the SB usually 3-bets. A made monster like a set or even 2 Pair would X/raise most flops but with the FD there they would be more likely to donk bet trying to get value, the action OTR though discounts that from his range IMO. For the most part only draws and made pairs are likely to donk that flop.

    Personally I would have played the hand more aggressively, TP+FD I wouldn't mind getting it in OTF but maybe I'm crazy/greedy .

    EDIT: Then again maybe not... Since a set is the only hand giving action like that. Still though I would definately raise the flop.
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      TAG/nits usually only donkbet with draws or monsters. I'd discount AK, because that would have 3-bet pre, so the most likely monster here is pocket 8s, and the only draws are NFDs with AJs/ATs (maybe some smaller Axs if he'd really call in blinds vs UTG open with those).
      I call flop and turn (absolutely not raising the flop, as you'll get value-owned by sets and won't even be able to call a solid raise with the flush draw), but I'm not in love with my hand. When he jams the river, villain has a set or KJ almost always, so a reluctant fold is the best option.
      The only busted draws in his range are AcTc and AcJc, but the latter made a pair on the turn, so would presumably check-call the river with its marginal showdown value. I think he's taking you to Valuetown, so you shouldn't pay him off.
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        Thanks for the review guys



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